Would you like to join our tennis club? (8-й класс Unit 4: "Спорт")

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Класс: 8

Главная цель урока: развитие личности учащегося, способной участвовать в межкультурной коммуникации и самостоятельно совершенствоваться.

Тип урока: комбинированный, повторительно-обобщающий.

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент, ведение в ситуацию

Teacher: Good morning, students. I’m glad to see you.  I’m the instructor of a tennis team in London. We are going to get a new tennis team on an exchange program at these summer holidays. Would you like to join our tennis club? (Приложение 1, слайд 1.)

2. Речевая зарядка, c целью активизации лексики по теме «Спорт»

- Do you like sport?
- Do you like tennis?
- What kinds of sports do you know?
- What kinds of sports do you like?
- What kind of sports do you go in for? (На доске - опора: I go in for …)

3. Беседа о спортивном комплексе

You have got a beautiful Sport Complex. Do you go there?

I have found a video about your Sport Complex. (На экране видеоролик со Спортивным комплексом – слайд 2.) Tell me, please, about it. These questions may help you. (Слайд 3)

(На экране – вопросы: - Who visit the Sport Complex? What sports can we play there? Are there any sport rooms for little children? Are there any instructors there? Ученики отвечают на вопросы после просмотра видеоролика.)

4. Активизация изученного лексического материала

We also have got good Sport Complexes in London. Great sportsmen train there. Do you know any of them? Do you want to learn any information about them? (Фотографии британских спортсменов с именами на слайдах.)

A sportsman who plays football we call a football player. (Слайд 4 с изображением Дэвида Бекхэма.)

Teacher: David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on May 2nd 1974. He plays football for Manchester United and is captain of both Manchester and England.

How do we call a sportsman who plays сricket? (Ученики отвечают – a cricket player; слайд 5 с изображением Тимоти Райса.)

Teacher: Timothy Rice was born on the 10th of November 1944 and he is still on of the best cricket players.

How do we call a sportsman who plays  basketball? (Ученики отвечают – a basketball player; слайд 6 с изображением Денниса Родмана.)

Teacher: Dennis Rodman is one of the best basketball players of the NBA. He got the nickname “King of picking up” for his great skill.

How do we call a sportsman who plays rugby? (Ученики отвечают – a rugby player; слайд 7 с изображением Райана Джонса.)

How do we call a sportsman who plays  tennis? (Ученики отвечают – a tennis player; слайд 8 с изображением Энди Маррея.)

Teacher: Andy Murray was born in 15.05.1987 in the UK and is very proud of his Scottish background. Such treats of his character as  persistence and need for victory helped him to make a good career. (Слайд 9 с изображением Тима Хенмена.)

Another one of the top 10 tennis players is Timothy Henry Henman, the vice-champion of the Olympics in 1996 in Atlanta. The winner of 11 tournaments and a participant of 3 Summer Olympics (1996, 2000, 2004).

Teacher: I play tennis and I invite you to our tennis club. There are many great tennis players in Russia too. Can you name them? (Фотографии российских спортсменов с именами на слайдах.) (Слайд10)

Teacher: Helen Demetieva is one of the best tennis players of Russia. She started her career at the age of 7, she has got 6 titles. She is the head of the Russian tennis team. Helen Dementieva at the age of 26 won a gold medal at the Olympic Games of 2008. (Слайд 11)

- Dinara Safina started to work in WTA in 2001, beat Maria Sharapova in 2005 (the best tennis player in the world at that moment), won a silver medal at the Olympic Games of 2008. (Слайд 12)

- Vera Zvonareva is from the family sportsmen. She started her career at the age of 6. She has got 2 Cups of the Federation. She won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games of 2008. (Слайд13)

-Your tennis players won all the prizes at these 29th Summer Olympic Games. Are you proud of them?

5. Развитие навыков ознакомительного чтения

How do you think what is the most important event for a sportsman? (A contest, a competition, a championship or the Olympic Games?) (Слайд14)

Right, the Olympic Games. Did you watch the 29th Summer Olympic Games? Do you remember the results? Which country took the first (the second, the third, the fourth) place? How many gold (silver, bronze) medals did the Russian sportsmen win? (Слайд15 с рейтингом мест.)

- China the  1st place
- The USA won  2nd place
- Russia won the  3rd  place
- The UK won the 4th place

Russia  won:

  • 23  gold  medals
  • 21 silver  medals
  • 28 bronze  medals

(Слайд 16)

But real sportsmen don’t only take part in the Olympic Games, but also know their history well. Do you know the history of the Olympic Games? Do you want to learn it? Let’s read aloud the text in chain. (Учитель раздает листы с текстом.)

The History of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games have a very long history. They began in 777 BC in Greece and took place every four years for nearly twelve centuries at Olympia. They included many different kinds of sports: running, boxing, wrestling, and others. All the cities in Greece sent their best athletes to Olympia to compete in the Games. For the period of the Games all the wars stopped. So the Olympic Games became the symbol of peace and friendship.

In 394 AD the Games were abolished. In 1896 first modern Olympic Games took place. Of course, the competitions were held in Greece to symbolize the continuation of the centuries-old tradition.

In 1896 the International Olympic Committee was set up. It decided upon the program of the Games, the number of the participants and the city-host for the Games. Over 150 countries are represented in the   International Olympic Committee now.

Summer and winter Games are held separately. There are always several cities wishing to host the Games. The most suitable is selected by the International Olympic Committee. After that the city-host of the Games starts preparations for the competitions, constructs new sport facilities, stadiums, hotels, press centers. Thousands of athletes, journalists and guests come to the Games, and it takes great efforts to arrange everything. There is always an interesting cultural program of concerts, exhibitions, festivals for each Games.

Russia joined the Olympic movement in 1952. Since then it has won a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals. In 1980 Moscow hosted the 22 Olympic Games. In 2014 the Olympic Games will be held in Sochi.

Now find the translation of the phrases in the text:

  • каждые четыре года;
  • около 12 веков;
  • они включали в себя;
  • лучшие атлеты;
  • все войны прекращались;
  • символ мира и дружбы;
  • первые современные Олимпийские игры;
  • проводятся отдельно;
  • желающие принять участие;
  • новое спортивное оборудование.

Now find the answers to the questions in the text:

  • What sports did the Olympic Games include?
  • Did the wars stop at the Olympic Games?
  • When did the modern Olympic Games start?
  • What does the International Olympic Committee do?
  • Was the text interesting?

Now you know the history of the Olympic Games. I am sure you can be good sportsmen.

6. Развитие навыков говорения

I think you like not only tennis, but also football, volleyball, basketball … So let’s play. Take markers and divide into groups. (Дети тянут жетоны.) The yellow markers will be the football club, the red ones – the tennis club and the blue ones – the volleyball club. In different clubs there are sportsmen of different nationalities. They communicate in English. So tell me about your favorite sports. The questions on the screen will help you. (Слайд 17)

  • Does  your  sport  build  character?
  • Does  it  help  meet  people?
  • Does  it  cause  injuries?
  • Does  it  teach  you  to  win  and  to  lose?
  • Does  it  help  people  become  good friends?
  • Does  it  teach  you  to  be  disciplined?
  • What  advantages  does  your  sport have?
  • What other sports do you like?
  • May be you will tell me about them?

The members of the football club are talking about football. The captain will start the story, the other members will continue it. I give you 2 minutes to think it over.

7. Развитие навыков письма

Now I invite you to my tennis club. Please fulfill the application forms. The example on the screen will help you. (Слайд 18 – пример анкеты.) I think 1 minute ill be enough for you.

Welcome to Our Tennis Club

Name _______________________________
Address _____________________________
Date of birth __________________________
Favorite sports_________________________
Leisure interest ________________________
Foreign languages ______________________
Smoking (yes/no) ______________________
Signature ____________________________
Date ________________________________

8. Развитие навыков диалогической речи

When you come to London, you will meet our sportsmen who will want to get acquaintance with you. What would you tell about yourself and what would you ask them about themselves? Make a dialogue. I give you 2 minutes. These questions may help you. (Слайд 19 с вопросами.)

- What sport do you go in for?
- How long have you been training?
- Why did you start training?
- What competitions have you taken part in?
- What achievements have you reached?
- What are your plans for the future?

(Затем каждая пара рассказывает свой диалог.)

9. Домашнее задание

You know that the Winter Olympic Games of 2014 will be held in Sochi. Could you write your forecast of the results? What sports will be successful for Russian sportsmen and for British ones? (Учитель раздает карточки.) It will be your homework. Fill in the table. (Слайд 20)

_____ will take the 1st place
_____ will take the 2nd  place
_____ will take the 3rd  place

2) Russian sportsmen will be successful in _________

3) British sportsmen will be successful in __________

10.  Итоги урока

I wonder how you liked our lesson. Please, tick your marks for each point of our lesson.






Telling about Sport Complex





Getting information about sportsmen





Reading about the Olympic Games





Discussing the results of the Summer Olympic Games





Telling about your favorite sport





Talking with a “British champion”





Filling in the application form










Your individual work





Your group work





It’s high time to put marks. I think everybody did his best. But could you help me and say what marks should I put for each of you and why? (Учащиеся объясняют, кто какие оценки заслужил и почему.)

Thank you for your work, I’ll look through your application forms and I hope that all of you will join our tennis club. Good luck. (Слайд 21)