Работа с видеофильмом на уроке английского языка

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Учебное видеопособие дает учителю возможность создать яркую речевую ситуацию, в значительной мере снять у ребят усталость и строить преподавание иностранного языка на основе его главного свойства – быть средством коммуникации.

Я хочу рассказать об использовании собственного видеосюжета при обучении школьников аудированию и устной речи. Звуковые и зрительные каналы поступления информации используются во взаимодействии, что облегчает учащимся восприятие звучащей речи. Практическая задача при работе с видеосюжетом состоит в том, чтобы тренировать школьников в аудировании и говорении, активизировать употребление в их речи учебного материала темы. При работе с видеосюжетом нужно учитывать, как он вписывается в учебный процесс, его место в цикле уроков по теме. При создании данного сюжета была использована лексика, предлагаемая учебником “English V” для школ с углубленным изучение английского языка, по теме “Shopping”. На уроках, предшествующих просмотру, нужно отработать до автоматизма всю необходимую лексику.

Работа над сюжетом.

Первый этап: вступительная беседа. Даю рекомендации, как нужно смотреть фильм, вслушиваясь в то, что говорит диктор. Советую при встрече с незнакомым словом постараться догадаться о его значении. Ввожу учащихся в курс того, что будет происходить на экране, давая ключ к правильному пониманию сюжета: “The film tells us about one of the biggest shops in Moscow, ЦУМ. Of course you will recognize it. I think you have visited it”.

Второй этап: работа с незнакомой лексикой (merchant, representative, embankment, to establish, stationary, to destroy, to flourish, haberdashery, crockery, имена собственные Mur, Merrilese).

Третий этап: просмотр видеосюжета о ЦУМе. Далее приводится текст видеосюжета.

We are in the centre of Moscow in Teatralnaya Square. Three most famous theatres are situated here: the Bolshoy Theatre, the Maly Theatre and the Theatre for the Youth. But not only the theatres make this square famous. Here between the Bolshoy Theatre and the Maly Theatre there is one of the greatest and the most famous shops not only in Moscow, but all over the world. It is the Central Department store or ЦУМ as the Russians call it.

This shop was the first department store in Russia. The history of the shop began many years ago in the middle of the 19-th century when a simple English merchant Archibald Merrilese by name came to Russia from Scotland in 1822 as a representative of a British trading company. He lived in St. Petersburg on the English embankment, where many English people used to live in those days. He was a very clever and well-educated businessman and soon established his own business. His wife’s brother Andrew Mur later became his companion. Their children continued the business of their fathers and opened their trading points in Moscow. In 1885 they bought a three-storeyed building in the centre of Moscow. Here they opened their famous department store which was called “ Mur and Merrilese”. The store had several departments which sold hats, carpets, lamps and goods for household. Walter Phylip, Mur`s stepson, became the head of the family business. He was thirty at that time.

The shop grew very quickly and in 1898 it had 44 departments: stationary, perfumery and many others. The prices were permanent and not very high.

But in 1900 the great fire destroyed the department store. The owners didn’t want to stop the business and bought a smaller building at the corner of the two famous streets Kuznetsky Most and Petrovka where the shop “All for women” is situated now.

The new building of “Mur and Merrilese” was finished in 1908. The creator of the building was Roman Cline, the famous Russian architect who had already built many well-known buildings in Moscow including the building of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. The new seven-storeyed building of the department store “Mur and Merrilese” with its columns and towers, with much glass and light, with its two lifts was fantastic! It had about 50 departments and about 2000 people worked there. “Mur and Merrilese” was a great success. The family business was flourishing. Walter Phylip was one of the best known businessmen in Russia.

In 1917 after the October Revolution the department store was nationalized, the families of Mur and Merrilese left Russia and the shop was renamed Central Department Store.

Since then many years have passed but the shop continues to be one of the greatest stores in Moscow. It has more then 100 departments. On the ground floor you can see a big perfumery department. Here you can find perfumes, toilet water, creams, powder, shampoo and lip-stick of different world famous firms producing perfumery goods. Souvenirs is the strong point of the store. It you need a present for a friend or a relative you should certainly visit the souvenir departments where you’ll find souvenirs to all tastes. The haberdashery departments attracts not only women but also men as it gives a big choice of bags. Elegant bags for women, different cases and sports bags are so nice that you can’t help buying one.

Clocks and watches are also a good present if you are more practical.

A big counter of crockery fascinates the glance of the visitor. But let us no stop on the ground floor and go upstairs to the other floors of the store.

The first and the second floors are devoted to ready-made clothes. Coats and jackets, blouses and sweaters, jeans and trousers, skirts and shirts are sold here. Many famous firms from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, have opened their departments here.

The shoe department has a rich choice of shoes, boots, high-boots, slippers. You can try them on so as to choose, the size and colour you want.

On the third floor you’ll find many kinds of carpets and different cotton, woolen and synthetic cloths and numerous colourful buttons for any clothes.

The fourth floor is especially interesting for children for here soft toys, lego constructors and others toys are sold.

If you want a new TV set, a modern tape-recorders or a music center or maybe a sort of a musical instrument, a camera or a telephone you should also visit the fourth floor of ЦУМ.

On the whole ЦУМ is a wonderful city of selling and buying where you can get nearly all manufactured goods you need or just walk watching people and shop windows and eating ice-cream.

Упражнения к тексту. Проверка понимания текста.

I. “True” or “false”

  1. The Central Department Store is situated in Red Square.
  2. The history of the shop began in the twentieth century.
  3. The founders of the shop were the Russians.
  4. Archibald Merrilese came from Scotland and lived in St. Petersburg.
  5. His wife’s brother Andrew Mur later became his companion.
  6. Their children didn’t want to continue their fathers` business.
  7. They opened their trading points in Moscow.
  8. “Mur and Merrilese” was the first department store in Russia.
  9. The Great Fire destroyed the store in 1900.
  10. The new department store was a success.
  11. After the October Revolution the families of Mur and Merrilese stayed in Russia.
  12. There are about ten departments in the Central Department Store now.

II. Complete the sentences:

  1. The history of the Central departments store began …………
  2. Archibald Merrilese was …………
  3. His companion was ………….
  4. Their children continued ……….
  5. Walter Phylip was ……….
  6. In 1917 ………..
  7. On the ground floor you can see ………..
  8. The first floor and the second floor are devoted to ……..
  9. The first floor is especially interesting for………

III. Fill in the prepositions:

  1. There are different goods ……… all tastes.
  2. Before the Revolution the store belonged …….. Mur and Merrilese.
  3. The store consists ………. many departments.
  4. It you look ……… a present for your friend go ………. the souvenir departments.
  5. Our visit ………. the store depends …….. my mother.

IV. Put the verb in brackets into the necessary form:

  1. The history of the shop (to begin) in the 19-th century.
  2. In 1990 the great fire (to destroy) the store.
  3. The creator of the new building (to be) Roman Cline who (to build) already many famous buildings in Moscow.
  4. The family business (to flourish).
  5. The shoe departments (to give) a big choice of boots, high-boots, shoes and slippers.
  6. Many famous firms from France, Italy and Spain (to open) their departments here (recently).

V. Report Ex. IV as if it is told by The Guide.

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