Обучение приемам описания на этапе развития речевого умения: урок-презентация "Возможности современного туризма"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Тема: Describing places

Уровень: Intermediate

Учебник: Mission 1

Оборудование: проектор, экран, ноутбук

Цели урока:

Развивающая – развитие умения логично высказываться, развитее презентационных умений (эмоциональное общение);

Познавательная – приобретение знаний о строе языка: порядок прилагательных перед существительным;

Воспитательная – любовь к родному городу;

Учебная - обучение речевому высказыванию на этапе развития речевого умения;

Parts of the Lesson Notes on the lesson Timing Regime
Warming Up/ Introduction


1. Good afternoon dear students. The previous lessons a lot had already been said about traveling. That it is the most pleasant way of learning about the world, discovering different lifestyles by visiting museums, trying different kinds of food, listening various kinds of music.

Today is our last lesson in the tourism academy and as I promised we are going to have a kind of exam. On the one hand it will help you to summarize all the information you got on the problem. And on the other hand you will be able to brush up your presentation skills. While doing that try to speak clearly and use appropriate gestures. Don’t forget to keep eye contact with the audience. While one student is talking the others please think carefully and try to ask some questions after presentation. Ok, lost time is never found again. Lets start the ball rolling

Презентация “Tourism and tourists” слайды 2-9. Для комментария слайдов студенты выходят к доске, затем учащиеся задают вопросы о прослушанной информации.

You perfectly passed the exam and you are awarded the certificates to remember this lesson.



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Basic Part

2. Слайд 10

But tourism is not only traveling for pleasure, as Masha said, it is also the business of providing holidays, tours, hotels. Millions of jobs around the world come from the tourism industry. Now I’m going to show you some of them, and you try to explain in what way they are useful for tourists:

Слайд 11

-a manager of the travel agency (organizes a tour)

- a porter (helps with heavy luggage)

- a cleaner (cleans the rooms)

- a waiter (serves dishes during the meals)

- a Cook / Chef (cooks meal)

- policeman (protects tourists from the criminals)

- hairdresser (cuts hair)

Of course, we mentioned only a few jobs, but I would like to draw your attention just to one job. Without it everything including a 5 star hotel, well trained stuff and all modern facilities will have no sense, because nobody will have a chance to know about it. Could you guess what am I driving at?

Guessing hint - It’s a person who writes advertising slogans and colorful articles encouraging people to buy goods and devises. (ADVERTISER)

What does it mean to advertise?

3. If I ask you just now to write an article for our local newspaper which advertises some tourist attraction could you manage it? manage – to be able to do something

Ok, all in good time! Look at the screen.

Слайд 12 (Bergen)

It’s a photo of a Norwegian town Bergen. It looks rather picturesque, doesn’t?

Why do you like the picture?

Учитель раздает текст:

Bergen is situated on the beautiful coast of Norway.

It offers the perfect combination of fragrant pine trees and fresh sea air.

On sailing into the port, visitors will be struck by the beauty of the view. The old harbour is filled with colourful sailing boats and along the busy seafront, the promenade is full of craft shops, cafes and restaurants serving delicious food. Behind the promenade the thick evergreen trees which grow up on the mountainside, make it seem as it is covered with a green blanket. Here and there in the forest, old wood-beamed houses rise up over the tree-tops. From the harbour, you can smell the delicious aroma of seafood, and fresh fruit.

Go to Bergen to experience both the peaceful silence of the pine forests and the noisy activities of the busy port.

4. Read the description of Bergen and circle all the descriptive adjectives in the text.

fragrant – ароматный - smells pleasantly

promenade – место для гулянья – a place for walking

to be struck – быть пораженнымn – to be impressed

seafront – набережная - embankment

beamed – из балок

harbour - бухта

peaceful – спокойный - calm

Check your answers again with the screen:

Слайд 13 Key 1

5. One more important thing to mention is when using adjectives in your descriptions you should bear in mind the following order: Слайд 14

Opinion, size, age, shape, colour, country of origin, material, NOUN > записывают схему

e.g. Слайд 15

It’s a beautiful big ancient grey English church.

Let’s analyze the example

Have a look at the screen and give your own examples, describing the following man-made attractions according to the scheme.

Слайд 16 ( Великая китайская стена)

What’s this? Can you guess?

1. It’s a well-known (famous,) great (big, long) ancient, grey Chinese stony Wall

6. Every article is written according to some plan. Look through the article again and give the outline that has been used. What is each paragraph about? Analyze.

Слайд 17 (План)

Name and geographical situation of the place

Reason for choosing the place

Particular details of the place

(sights to see, how to spend your free time etc)

Feelings and final thoughts about the place > записывают

7. Every author can’t but think about the people who will read his article. That’s why it should be appealing and attractive to the readers. When describing particular details of a place, it is important to use your senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch)

e.g. I live in a cottage. You can still smell the wood from which it was built.

So, find in the article all the words that describe the use of the senses (smell, sight, sound and taste)

Слайд 18 (Текст) Key 2

Check your answers again with the screen.

Could you tell me now what should we take into consideration before writing an article?

The order of adjectives, plan, the use of senses.

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8. Now I’m sure that you know how to write attractive descriptions. But what city we are going to write an article about? Can you guess? … Yes, absolutely right. For whom Surgut is native town? Then you should know a lot about it.

In my opinion it’s not alike other cities I’ve been to.

What’s special about Surgut? Is it a good place for tourists to visit?

So, your task is to write an article describing Surgut. Explain, why is it a good place for tourists to visit? While writing follow the outline, use descriptive adjectives in the right order and the words that describe the use of the senses (smell, sight, sound and taste). The best articles will be published in Lingua-Center’s newspaper.

But before doing the task some slides for you to think over Surgut attractions.

What feelings have you got after watching the presentation towards Surgut?

The teacher sums up the student’s work, thanks them for their work.

I want you love our city, because it’s the place where you live.

What is special about Surgut you should reveal in your work.


10 min



Total Time

To finish writing an article.

92 min