Разработка урока по развитию навыков аудирования для учащихся 6–7-х классов школ с углубленным изучением английского языка по теме: "Holidays With a Difference"

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The aims of the lesson:

  • To develop students’ ability to listen to the advertisements for specific information.
  • To develop students’ ability to guess the meaning from the context, to develop students’ ability to keep their attention.
  • To develop students’ ability to work in groups.
  • To extend students’ horizon (students will learn about new and interesting places in different parts of the world).

To achieve the stated aims we have designed the following set of activities, which has the following structure:

Lisie’s words (warming up) - Lisie is the character who introduces the topic and motivates and involves the students in work.

Pre-listening Activities are intended to anticipate lexical and grammar difficulties students may come across while listening. The aim of exercises 1, 2, 3 is to revise and introduce the vocabulary on the topic.

While-listening Stage is aimed at developing students’ listening skills for main idea, specific information and detail. It can include such activities as matching, information transfer, multiple choice questions, completing, taking notes, etc. We would like to point out that such exercises prepare students for the format of the uniform exam. In our example both exercises 4 (matching the places to the activities) and 5 (completing the chart) are intended to develop the students’ ability to understand specific information.

Post-listening Activities stimulate further work on the topic and provide opportunity for integration with other skills (reading, writing and speaking).



  • listening to the advertisements of holiday resorts for specific information by matching the places to the activities;
  • listening to the advertisements for specific information by completing the chart

Pre-listening Activities.

Warming up

1. Get Ss read Lisie’s words and ask Ss to tell their classmates where and how they are going to spend their summer holidays.

2. Focus on vocabulary. Help Ss with any unknown words. Ss match the pictures to the words.


4, 3, 5, 1, 2, 7, 6

3. Ss work in pairs. They fill in the sentences with the words in the list. Check with a class.


1-treasures, 2-castle, 3-ranch, 4-campfire, 5-waterslides

While-listening Activities.

4. Divide your students into three groups, explain to them that each group is going to listen to only one of the advertisements and match the name of the resort to the activities.

Linkey Castle: to taste excellent food and drink, find missing treasure, have fun at fabulous parties

Dude Ranch: ride horses, have dinner by a campfire, sleep under the stars, go fishing

Summer Splash Villages: go swimming, play on water slides, relax by the pool

5. Play the tape again. This time Ss complete the chart with the necessary information.

Table for group 1
Name Linkey Castle
Location Lochmorrie
Contact 723413
Recommendation a weekend to remember
Table for group 2
Name Rainbow River Dude Ranch
Location Montana
Contact e-mail dude@rainbowrivers.net
Recommendation the mountains of Montana are waiting for you
Table for group 3
Name Summer Splash Villages
Location Europe
Contact 772441
Recommendation very popular must book early

6. Each group prepares an advertisement of the holiday resort using information from their tables and the phrases. Then they listen to their classmates from other groups and decide where they would like to spend their summer holidays. Get them give the reasons.


Resource: Evans, Virginia and O’Sullivan, Neil. (2002). Click on 1.Unit 9 ‘What are your plans?’.

Express Publishing.

Linkey Castle

A mystery treasure hunt, a romantic castle and excellent food and drink are waiting for you at Linkey Castle in Lochmorrie.
In this fully-restored 15th century castle, teams work together to find the Queen’s missing treasure. The winners take home wonderful prizes. In the evenings, you can have fun at fabulous parties!
Call now, on 723413, for a weekend to remember.

Rainbow River Dude Runch

Would you like to be a cowboy for a week? Don’t miss Rainbow River Dude Ranch in Montana.
You can ride horses, have dinner by a camp fire and sleep under the stars. Do you like fishing? Then you are going to love the river that turns behind the ranch.
Join us now. The mountains of Montana are waiting for you! For more information, e-mail us at dude@rainbowrivers.net

Summer Splash Villages

Summer Splash Villages are the best places in Europe for a relaxing break at any time of year!
Come and enjoy a great time in one of our holiday centres.
In the middle of each of the luxurious villages is an indoor tropical garden! You can go swimming, play on the water slides or just relax by the pool.
Summer Splash Villages are very popular, so you  must book early! Call 772441 for more information.

The Best Holidays You've Ever Had

Hello! The school year is almost over and I'm looking forward to summer holidays.
Going camping, swimming in the river, lying in the sun, and many other interesting things to do and places to visit are waiting for you.


1. Tell your classmates where and how you are going to spend your summer holidays.

2. Look at the pictures. Which one shows:

___ treasure, a crown and a chest?
___ a tropical garden with a swimming pool?
___ water slides?
___ a fisherman on the river?
___ a cowboy on the ranch?
___ a fully-restored 15th century castle?

3. Complete the sentences using the given words.

treasures, campfire, water slides, ranch castle

1. Pirates plough the sea looking for missing …………....
2. This 17th century …………….. is famous for its ghosts.
3. My grandfather is a farmer. He owns a large ………….. in Kansas.
4. Last summer we went camping. In the evening we all gathered by the ………….. to listen to each other's stories.
5. What fun it is to slide down the ……….. ………… into the swimming pool!

4. Work in groups. Listen to the advertisements of holiday resorts and match the place to the activities you can do there.

Linkey Castle

Rainbow River Dude Ranch

Summer Splash Villages

find missing treasure
ride horses
have fun at fabulous parties
have dinner by a campfire
go swimming
play on water slides
go fishing
relax by the pool
sleep under the stars
to taste excellent food and drink

5. Listen again and complete the chart.


6. In your group, prepare an advertisement of the holiday resort using information from Ex. 4,5. Prove that it is the best place to visit.
Listen to your classmates from other groups and say in which of these places you would like to spend your summer holidays and why.

These phrases can help you.

Welcome to ……
…… are waiting for you at ……
You can have fun at ……
Don’t miss the chance to ……
You’re going to love …… because ……
Come and enjoy a great time at ……