Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "The Halloween Party"

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На сцену выходят один за другим участники представления.

A black cat -

Halloween is coming.
What will you wear?

A devil -

I might wear a blanket
And be a brown bear.
Halloween is coming.
Who will you meet?

A ghost -

I might meet a princess
Skipping down the street.
Halloween is coming.
What will you do?

A black cat -

I might go trick-or-treating
How about you?
Halloween is coming.
What will you be?

A devil -

I might be a pirate
On the deep blue sea.
Halloween is coming.
What will you see?

A ghost -

I might see a Jack-o’-lantern
Winking at me.

Появляется ведьма.

A witch: Hello, my dear friends! Do you know me? I’m a witch. I’m not very old. I’m only 300 years old. We haven’t seen one another for a whole year. Are you glad to meet today? And I’m glad to see you! Do you know why we have appeared here? Yes, Halloween is coming! Oh, who is that?

A pumpkin:

I’m a pumpkin, big and round.
Once upon a time I grew on the ground.
Now I have a mouth, two eyes and a nose.
What are they for, do you suppose?
Why I’ll be a jack-o’-lantern on Halloween night!

A ghost -

Did you know that jack-o’-lanterns
Are of Indian breed?
That the Indian gave the white people
Their first pumpkin seed?
That the Indian kids cut faces
In the golden ring?
Some quite ugly, some quite jolly,
Some of every kind.

А black cat -

The children made some happy
With a merry grin.
Then to make them human,
They put a bright light in.
That is how a jack-o’-lantern
You have often seen
Was made, so thank the Indians
For every Halloween!

Рассказывая стихотворение, ребята все показывают, используя настоящую тыкву или муляж.

A witch:

Celtic priests called Druids first celebrated Halloween many centuries ago in Ireland and Scotland. They observed the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. The Druids thought that Halloween was the night when the witches came out. As they were afraid of the witches they put on different clothes and painted their faces to deceive the evil spirits. They also placed food and small gifts near the doors of their houses for the witches. The integral part of the festival was a lantern made of a pumpkin and people believed that all pumpkins were leaving their vegetable gardens to dance in the streets. As time went by, grown-up people lost interest in Halloween, and it was celebrated mostly by children. Dressed very strangely, children held festivals. During their festival groups of children visited nearby houses and asked for candies. "Trick or treat! Trick or treat!", was heard everywhere.


Первыми стали праздновать Хэллуин кельтские священники, которых называли Друидами, а происходило это много веков назад в Ирландии и Шотландии. Так они отмечали окончание осени и приход зимы. Друиды думали, что именно в эту ночь ведьмы устраивают шабаш. Они боялись ведьм и, чтобы их обмануть, они наряжались в различные костюмы и разрисовывали лица. А около дверей домов оставляли пищу и маленькие подарки для ведьм. Неотъемлемым атрибутом праздника был фонарь из тыквы, люди верили, что тыквы покидают грядки в эту ночь и танцуют на улицах. Шло время, взрослые потеряли интерес к этому празднику, а дети продолжают рядиться в костюмы разной нечистой силы. В этот вечер везде можно услышать: «Угощайте или подшутим!» С этими словами дети ходят от дома к дому, собирая сладости.

A cat, a devil, a ghost:

Trick or treat, trick or treat
Give us something good to eat.
Give us candy, give us cake,
Give us something sweet to take.
Give us cookies, fruit and gum,
Harry up and give us some!
You had better do it quick,
Or we’ll surely play a trick,
Trick or treat, trick or treat,
Give us something good to eat!

Помощники ведьмы идут в зал и тех, кто не откупился, выводят на сцену.

A witch: If you don’t want us to trick on you, then dance! My dear friends, help me please!

Танец для всего зала.

A witch:You can see our Halloween tree here. Let’s decorate it. And you’ll see who can come to our party. You should speak about them and put your decorations on the tree.

Pupil 1: It's a skeleton. It's the most horrible thing in the cemetery.

Pupil 2: It's a ghost. We can't see them in our houses, they live only in haunted houses.

Pupil 3: It's a black cat. She lives with a witch and helps her to make witch's brew.

Pupil 4: It's a monster. He can have many heads, eyes, mouths, legs, but my monster is kind.

Pupil 5: It's a spider. It makes a web to catch animals and people in it.

Pupil 6: It's a witch. Witches try to do bad things to people.

Pupil 7: It's a bat. Usually bats are peaceful animals, but on Halloween they are vampires.

Pupil 8: It's an owl. It lives in witch's house, frightens people with horrible sounds.

Pupil 9: It's a rat. An awful animal appears in dirty and bad places.

(Дети наряжают ветки рисунками и игрушками, сделанными своими руками)

A witch: Who is coming? What a noise! Look! That’s a light! Some goblins are coming to give us a fright!

У дерева исполняется танец гоблинов под музыку Грига «В пещере горного короля»

A witch: The best thing about the Halloween party is that you should play the Halloween games.

Конкурсы: вылови яблоко из таза с водой без помощи рук, перенеси грецкие орехи в ложке из одного конца зала в другой (играют 2 команды)

A witch: Now you can see a fairy tale about a small ghost who could not say “Wooo…”

The Performance " The Ghost Who Could Not Say 'Wooo...!'

Fortune Teller: I want to tell you a story about the ghost who could not say "Wooo..." A young ghost, Gilly by name, was walking about the dusty road. Then he stopped, sat down on a stone and began crying. At that moment Polly Mouse was passing by.

Polly Mouse: What's the matter?

Gilly Ghost: Oh, Polly, I can't say that word.

Polly Mouse: What word?

Gilly Ghost: The word all ghosts say when they go out haunting on Halloween.

Polly Mouse: I'd be glad to teach you.

Gilly Ghost: You are a real friend.

Polly Mouse: Listen to me, " Squeak, squeak, squeak!"

Gilly Ghost: No, Polly, that isn't the ghost word.

Mr. Cat: Of course, it isn't the ghost word. What a silly Mouse! And what a silly ghost not to know such an important word.

Gilly ghost: You are right. I can't go haunting if I can't say a word.

Mr. Cat: I'll teach you, "Mew, mew, mew!"

Gilly Ghost: I’m sorry but that is not the ghost word either.

Mr. Cat: Let me think ... I know who will teach you. He knows everything.

At that very moment Mr. Pumpkin came out of the bushes.

Gilly Ghost: Will you teach me to say that word?

Mr. Pumpkin: Of course, I will! Wooo-oo!

Gilly Ghost: Wooo-oo! That's it! That's it!

Miss Witch appeared.

Miss Witch: Gilly Ghost, that is the best "Wooo...!" I have heard tonight. I'm proud of you. Hop on my broomstick and I'll take you out to haunt with the other ghosts.