Урок английского языка по теме: "Город"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цели урока:

  • Практическая цель урока: используя личностно-деятельностны подход и метод проектов, обобщить и закрепить навыки и умения учащегося в устной речи по теме “Город”.
  • Воспитательные цели урока:
    • воспитание культуры общения;
    • поддержание интереса к изучению английского языка;
    • формирование познавательной активности учащегося.
  • Развивающие цели урока:
    • развитие таких качеств у учащегося, как самостоятельность, инициативность, самооценка, умение работать в коллективе (группе).


I. Оргмомент.

T. – Good morning, children! I am glad to see you. How are you?

P. – Fine, thank you. I’m all right, thanks. Not bad. Tip-top. So-so…

T. – I am glad that you are in high spirits and let’s start our lesson with a well-known song “Moscow Suburb Nights”.

II. Фонетическая зарядка.

Учащиеся исполняют 2 куплета песни на английском языке “Подмосковные вечера”


Not a rustling leaf not bird in flight
In the sleepy grove until dawn.
How I love these nights, Moscow Suburb nights (twice)
The caress of the waking sun.


The calm riling stream seems to ebb and flow
Like a silver web of moonlight.
In my heart I hear singing come and go (twice)
On this wonderful summer night.

T. – As for me I adore this song and what about you?

P1 – I find it wonderful!

P2 – Oh! It’s great!

P3 – I think, it’s marvelous!

P4 – I enjoy sinning this song.

P5 – I adore it.

T. – Why do you like this song?

P1 – To my mind, it has a good melody.

P2 – It’s lyrical.

III. Речевая зарядка (стук в дверь).

T. – Oh! Who is that?

– May I come in? (входит ученик с куклой)

T. – You are welcome.

Mr. Brown. – Morning, children. How do you do.

T. – Children. Let us ask him some questions.

P1 – What is your name?

Mr. Brown. – I’m Tom Brown.

P2 – Where are you from?

Mr.Brown – I’m a tourist from London. It’s very interesting for me to be in Bryansk, in Russia. I’m very glad to meet you. What is the topic of your lesson?

T. – Oh! It is coded! Let us solve the crossword and you’ll see title of the topic.

Рис. 1

Рис. 1

    1. cinema
    2. airport
    3. tram
    4. yard

№ 1 – It’s a building. We see new films there.
№ 2 – It’s a place not far from the city. We can see there many airplanes, planes and helicopters.
№ 3 – It is one of the means of transport.
№ 4 – It’s a place near house. The children like to play in it.

T.  – Now. You can see, that the little of our topic is “City”.

– It is interesting for you. Mr. Brown?

Mr. Brown. – Oh! It’s very interesting.

T. – Are there a lot of big cities and small towns in the world?

– Will you tell me the names of the cities you know? (Учащиеся называют города)

– We can see beautiful squares, streets, and avenues with modern skyscrapers in these cities, can’t we?

– There are many places of interest in the cities. What are they famous for?

P1 – Moscow is famous for its Red Square, the Kremlin, The Bolshoi Theatre, The Treryakov Gallery.

P2 – London – is famous for its Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum, charming parks and theatres.

P3 – New York is famous for its skyscrapers.

P4 – St. Petersburg is famous for the Hermitage.

P5 – Washington is famous for the White house.

T. – I hope you know capitals of many countries. Match the capitals and the countries. (на доске карточки с названиями столиц и государств).












Great Britain





T. – Are they super cities?

– We can speak much about these cities. But it’s not the main task of our lesson.

– What is the main task of our lesson?

P. – The main task of our lesson is the presentation of our projects.

T. – Yes! You have prepared the projects about your cities. We have got four groups. Mr. Brown, you have got a good opportunity today to visit four cities. Where are you from?

Group1 – We are from Magic City

Group2 – We are from Bryansk

Group3 – We are from Dream City.

T. – Now we shall learn some interesting facts about your cities. (на доске…)

– What kind of city is it?

– What is it famous for?

– What places of interest are there in your city?

– Your puzzles, riddles, surprises…

T. – Who will start? I think our brave boys will be the first.

IV. Защита проектов.

Group 4 – Dream City

Представляет макет своего города.

P1 – This is a model of our Dream City. It is a super city. It is famous for its skyscrapers and wide avenues. This is the main avenue of the city. On each side of the road you can see a pavement and many modern buildings. It is a business part of our city. There are many offices, banks, supermarkets, barber’s and hairdresser’s, clinicks, hotels, a job centre, cafes in it.

P2 – We can meet all means of transport in our city: buses, trolley-buses, trams, cars, taxis, trains, motorcycles, scooters, jeeps, vans, escalators, fire-engines, ambulances, police cars, truck and subway. It is a city for the future. There is a modern on-street transport system the Metrolink in our city.
It is clean, quick and quiet. At the end of the street there is a car park and a landing field for planes and helicopters. Here it is. We can get from one place of the city to another by plane or helicopter.
The traffic in our city is heavy, especially in a rush hour. We must know the traffic rules and the traffic sings.

P3 – Traffic lesson.

Be very, very carefull
When you cross the street
Use your eyes and your ears,
And then use your feet.
The trams and cars in our town
Run up and down, up and down
When all the cars have stopped
It’s time for you to go
Walk between the lines,
That’s the safest way I know.

Cross the street only on zebras. It is better to wait 5 minutes on the pavement than a month in a hospital.

P4 – This is a city that we built.
This is a man, that lives in the city that we built. This is the car, that man has got that lives in the city that we built.
This is the car park, where stands the car that man has got, that lives in the city that we built. This is the end of the street at which we can see the car park, where stands the car that man has got, that lives in the city that he built. This is a bridge not far from the street at which we can see the car park where stands the car that man has god that lives in the city that we built.

Задания классу.

P2 – Here is the garage. What is there in it? Guess, please. (Учащиеся угадывают. It is a truck?...)

– We can see many sings in our city. What do they mean? (Показывают различные знаки, учащиеся угадывают, что они обозначают).

– To my mind, it’s bank.

– I think, it’s a café.

Mr. Brown. – What are the main kinds of buses in London? (the red single-decker, the red double-decker).

Group 2. Greentown.

Представляют свой город в форме экскурсии по городу.

P1 – Hello! Nice to see you, ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you to Greentown. My name is Natasha. I’m a guide and let us go on a signseeing tour of our town. Take your places in our tour bus, please. Are you ready? (Занимают места в автобусе).

– Oh! Yes. (Поют хором).

We go, go, go by tour, tour bus
We want to go sightseeing
With our friendly class.

P1 – Our town is not very large. It is a quiet, clean, and beautiful town. The ecological situation is rather good in Greentown, because the factories and plants are far from the town. It is a town of green trees, grass and flowers. It is famous for its charming parks. Look to the left.

P2(показывает рисунок с изображением парка).
You can see our famous Centre Park. There are many kinds of trees and plants in this park. We can meet oaks, birches, poplars, lime trees, fir-trees, and pine-trees. They are tall and beautiful. There is a rose garden in it. Near the garden there is a boating lake. We can watch and feed the ducks, swans and pelicans there. Not far from it there is an open – air theatre where we listen to the band playing music. It is an amazing place of our city.

P1 – look to the right.

P3 – (показывает рисунок с зоопарком). It’s a gateway to our famous Zoo. You can see thousands of animals, birds, reptiles, insect, and water life in our Zoo. Our Zoo has got rare and exotic animals; pandas, polar bears, camels, cobras. They are from Africa, Australia, America and Asia.

P1 – Now we are coming to our museums.

P2 – It’s our Museum of Fine Arts. It has large collections of paintings of the great landscape painters.
Not far from this museum you can see the Natural History Museum. There are large collections as zoology and botany in it. You can see there the stuffed animals and stuffed birds, the skeletons and bones of the ancient animals and the herbariums.

P1 – And now in front of you you can a monument to a dog. It is in one the beautiful square of our town. We know that dogs are our friends. There is a wonderful fountain behind the monument. Have you got any questions for me?

Mr. Brown. – What is the symbol of your town?

P1 –(показывает ребус). Try to guess it. It’s a dandelion. It is a symbol of our town.

– Have you got any churches?

P1 – Our tour has finished. Thank you and good bye. I’m very pleased to see you.

Mr. Brown – Oh, it’s very interesting. In England we have got Greentown too, it’s not far from London. It looks like your town.

Group 1. Magic City

Представляют карту своего города.

P1 –You are welcome to our Magic City. I am the chief architect. This is the map of our city. Magic City is a city for entertainment. It’s a centre for music, fashion, and style. This is main square of our city. It is Theatrical square. It is a meeting point of 6 streets. We can see the Opera House in it. We have got many theatres, art galleries, museums in the city.
I can recommend the Fashion House. There are a lot of very elegant, fashionable clothes, coats, furcoats, suits, dresses, for men and women. You are welcome to the fashion show. Let me introduce this young woman. (Показывает изображение на доске). Her name is Liza. She is twenty-five. She is a top model of our Fashion House. She is very beautiful woman. She is tall and slim. She has large bright-blue eyes. Her nose is straight. Her lips are red. Her face is oval, Liza’s hair is fair and long. Her smile is charming. She is wearing a fine red suit. It is made of wool. It is the last word in fashion. The blazer has two pockets. The skirt is rather short. She has red gloves on made of silk. She is wearing black shoes. They are made of leather. She has a fine scarf on round her neck. It is made os silk. She is holding a hand-bag and a magazine in her hands.
Liza looks smart. She is a woman of taste. She follows the fashion. She knows that good clothes open the doors.

P2 – Everything must be beautiful in a person: face, clothes, sprint and mind. We know that a room without soul. But I think that a city without a library is a body without soul too.
In our city we have got a very large city library. It is a moralous building. There are a lot of books in it. My favorite book is “Adventures of Sherlock Homes”. I am found of reading books. We like to see interesting film and we often go to the cinema. The cinema “Stars” is in Queen Street. My favourite film is “Titanik”. My favourite actor is L. de Caprio.
This wonderful building is our circus. It is very interesting for me to be at the circus. I like clowns, juggles, acrobats, cyclists.

P3 – We have got many playgrounds and they are fantastic. There are a lot of attractions there – swings, merry-go-rounds, ferries wheels, sand-boxes, jungle gym and many others. The children enjoy playing hopscotch. They like to play ball and jump-rope.

P1 – Let’s play ball. Finish the sentences.

– I want…

– I am found of

– It is time…

– I live not far from

– The supermarket is…

– I am going to be…

– This wonderful building is…

P2 – This is the view from my windows. (показывает рисунок). Can you help me to describe the view from my window? Fill in the missed words, please.

The view from my window

From my bedroom window I can see a small (garden) with flowers (behind) the garden there is a street. I can see a charming (cafe) on the corner of the street. (Near) the café there is a (pet) shop. I buy food for my (dog) there. On the left there is (supermarket) behind the supermarket we can see a (church).

Group 3. Bryansk.

Представляют свой коллаж о Брянске.

Хором. This is our native city.

P1 – We are fond of our city. We are eager to describe it Bryansk is the ancient Russian town, It has a long and interesting history. It is more than 1000 years old. It stands on the banks of the Desna river. It’s population is 450000 people.

P2 – Bryansk is a big industrial centre. There are many factories and plants in Bryansk. They produce machines, refrigerator-cars, irrigation machines and so on, Bryansk is a large scientific and educational centre. There are universities and institutes and more than 65 schools.

P1 – Bryansk is a cultural centre. There are 3 theatres, a philharmonic society, a circus, ten cinemas, more than 200 libraries, 6 parks in Bryansk. A park – museum named for uniqe collection of wooden sculptures made of dead tree trunks.

P3 – Bryansk is a beautiful and clean city. At the end of Lenin Avenue you can see a 16 – storeyed Hotel “Bryansk”. It was built in 1985. In the square of People’s Friendship there is a cinema-concert hall. In front of it you can see a wonderful fountain.

P4 – Bryansk is a town of partisan fame. It has a lot of monuments and memorials. There is the monument of Eternal Glory to the partisans in Partisan Square. Behind the monument we can see the Regional Historic museum. I think my city is famous for its ancient churches. So my native city is a nice place to live in. I like it very much.

P2 – And now our riddles. Listen and guess!

  1. This is a building. It is in Pushkin Street. There is a bus stop near it. We can see a monument to Volodarskiy in front of it. What is it? (It is a cinema “Salut”).
  2. It is in front of the bus stop “Gogol Street”. It stands between the post – office and the hairdressen’s. The people go there to eat and to dance.
  3. It is not far from the vailway station in Dimitrov Street. We go there to buy clothes, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and many other thing. (It’s a market)

V. Работа в группах

1. Задание.

T. – Now we shall do some group work. Make up the short conversations. The topic of the conversations is asking the way.

Group 1 – How can we get to the Opera House from the cinema “Stars”?

Group 2 – Will you tell us the way from our school to the new planetarium?

Group 3 – How can we get to the car park?

Group 4 – Which is the shortest way to Centre Park from your Muzeum of Fine Arts?

(Через 2 минуты представляются диалоги).

2. Задание.

You’ll get a card with some words. Make up a short story using these words. But first read these words.

Group1 – I am fond of, sport, swimming, swimming-pool, a stadium, football, basketball, volleyball. I’m going to be, like, a sportsman.

Group 2 – Zoo, not far, wild animals, insects, water life, tiger, lion, chimpanzee, snake, alligator, pet, favourite, to look after, like.

Group 3 – centre, many-storied building, hotel, bank, avenue, beautiful, café, hairdresser’s, barber’s, heavy traffic, bus stop.

Group 4 – market, supermarket, pet shop, bookshop, we can buy, fruit, vegetables, clothes, shop assistant, want, to do shopping, help.

T. – I’d like to say a few words in contusion. I’m so pleased with your projects. They were very interesting and lovely. Well done!

Mr. Brown, do you agree with me?

Mr. Brown. – I agree with you. Thank you children!

T. – Children Did you enjoy the projects?

T. – The lesson is over. Good-bye.