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Good afternoon! Humor is the language that is understood in all countries. It helps people to communicate, to learn more about the national character. We are going to talk about English humor today. It is well-known all over the world. We can find humor not only in funny stories or jokes but also in phraseology, advertising, tongue twisters in the language itself. One of the brilliant masters of word games was Lewis Carroll. His book “Alice in Wonderland” shows us how different the English humor can be and that humorous situations can happen anytime and anywhere.

Рассказывают ученики 11 класса

1 ученик:


Lewis Carroll is the famous English writer. His book “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” is popular not only among children but also among adults.

The real name of Lewis Carroll is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He was born in 1832. He studied mathiatics and classics at Oxford. After graduation he worked at Christ Church College. He was mathiatician, logician, teacher and photographer – he was one of the best photographers in England at that time and won different prizes.

His masterpiece began in 1862 as a tale he told for amusient on a picnic with another Oxford fellow and three daughters of the Dean Of Christ Church. Nine-year-old Alice Liddell later persuaded Dodgson to write down the story and publish it. There is a such a story – when the Queen read the book “Alice in Wonderland” she liked it so much that she asked to bring some other books of the same author and she was really surprised when they brought her different works on Mathiatics.

In 1867 Lewis Carroll visited France, Germany and Russia where he stayed in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. He was never married. When he died in 1898 he property was divided among his brothers and sisters. He was buried at Guilford.

2 ученик:

“Alice In Wonderland”

The book “Alice in Wonderland” shows the author’s genius. The Mad Hatter, The March Hare, the Red Queen and the White Rabbit are among the most familiar and vivid creations in English literature. Lewis Carroll was the founder of playing with words, creating new ones, he was the master of absurd and nonsense but funny games, words and situations.

Instead of “Twinkle, twinkle little star” we find in his book – “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat”,

he was the creator of the new genre in literature full of new word combinations like –

“bread-and-butter” and “butterfly” he makes – “bread-and-butterfly”,

out of the words “gallop” and “triumph” he makes – “gallumphing” which means something like – riding a horse fast with triumph.

The book “Alice in Wonderland” arose a new interest to the literature for children. Very soon Alan Miln wrote “Winnie - the - Pooh”. We even can find the influence of “Alice in Wonderland” in well-known pois by Kornej Chukovsky such as “Tarakanishe”, “Mojdodyr” and “Dyadya Stepa”.


Now let’s watch a piece from the movie (cartoon) “Alice in Wonderland” – episode.

(Смотрят небольшой эпизод из фильма или мультфильма “Алиса в стране чудес”.)


And now there’s the time for our contest – we will divide into two teams.

Ученики делятся на две команды.

1st competition. - Humor in phraseology (1 point for each right guess)

Каждой команде выдается лист с заданием и отводится на выполнение 5 минут.

Match the phrases with the correct meaning:

  1. bag of bones     1. an idle, lazy person
  2. chair warmer     2. bright cosmetics
  3. to tie the knot    3. a young or innocent person
  4. spring chicken   4. a thin person
  5. war paint          5. to perform a marriage

2nd competition - Tongue twisters ( 3 points maximum)

Приглашается по одному участнику из команды прочитать скороговорку без предварительной подготовки.

If a doctor is doctoring a doctor,
Does the doctor doing the doctoring
Have to doctor the doctor the way
The doctor being doctored
wants to be doctored or
Does he doctor the way
He usually doctors?

3rd competition - Funny ads - (1 point for the right guess and 1 for making it right)


Find among these advertisients the funny ones, say what makes thi funny and try to correct thi (there are three of thi).

Каждой команде выдается лист с приведенными ниже рекламными объявлениями, дается 5 минут на прочтение и обдумывание, команды сдают выполненное задание в жюри. Потом устно объясняют свой выбор.

  1. Dog for sale: eats anything and is fond of children.
  2. For sale: a high chair that can be made into a table.
  3. Teacher needed for pre-school. Experience preferred.
  4. Wanted: man to take care of the cow that doesn’t smoke or drink.
  5. We do not tear your clothes with machinery, we do it by hand.
  6. Dinner special – turkey - $2.00, chicken or beef - $2.25.
  7. Auto repair service, free pick-up and delivery.

4th competition - Funny letter ( 1 point)


Now you are to read the letter and guess what Tom needs. The first team to give the right answers scores one point.

Dear Dad,
Guess what I need mo$t of all? Send it along.
Be$t wishes,
Your son, Tom.

5th competition - Funny questions.


Who will give the correct answer first? (1 point for each.)

Учитель читает вопросы, отвечает тот, кто первым поднял руку из обеих команд.

  1. Where does Thursday comes before Wednesday? – In a dictionary.
  2. Which river in America has four eyes? – The Mississippi (four “i” )
  3. What speaks every language? – An echo.
  4. Which month of the year is the shortest? – May
  5. Which is the best day of the week? – Sunday because the rest are week (weak –a pun) days.
  6. What plate can’t you eat off? – An ipty one.
  7. What face needs no washing? – A face of a clock.
  8. What month has 28 days? - All months has 28 days.
  9. Which man on the earth has the largest hat? – The man with the largest head.
  10. What do cats have that no other animals have? – Kittens.
  11. Why can’t it rain for two days without stopping? –because there’s a night between two days.
  12. How many lions can enter the ipty cage? - Only one. After that the cage will not be ipty.
  13. What kind of animals can jump higher than a house? – All animals. Houses cannot jump.
  14. Why can’t the world come to an end? - It’s round.
  15. What is the worst weather for mice? – When it rains cats and dogs.


While the results are being calculated let’s play a little.

Из зрителей приглашаются желающие, которым выдаются карточки с действующими персонажами (the sun, the river, a big tree, 2-3 birds, a hedge (2-3 students), a hole, Alice, a book, the wind, 2 leaves, a white rabbit). Как только называется этот персонаж, он выходит на сцену и начинает изображать то, что говорит ведущий.

Mime theatre

The Sun is shining brightly in the sky. The River is flowing merrily. A big tree is standing on the bank of the river. Birds are sitting on the tree and singing nice songs. Behind the tree there is a hedge with a hole in it. Alice is sitting under the tree. She is reading a book.

The book is large and thick. The wind is blowing. The leaves are falling from the tree on the ground. A white rabbit with pink eyes is running in front of Alice. The rabbit is looking at his watch and says - Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late! Alice is starting to her feet. She drops her book. The birds are singing louder. The wind is blowing ber. The tree is waving with its’ branches. The rabbit hurries on and disappears in the hole in the hedge. Alice runs after the rabbit. The birds fly away. The sun goes down.