Конспект урока по теме: "The Blind Date"

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Unit 4. Is It Easy to Be Young?

Reading Section. Dating or Waiting?


  • познавательный аспект — знакомство с особенностями этикета в отношениях между юношами и девушками в зарубежных странах;
  • развивающий аспект — развитие способности понимать видовременную отнесенность структур по контексту, к догадке по дефинициям;
  • воспитательный аспект — формирование этического отношения между юношами и девушками в вопросах любви и дружбы;
  • учебный аспект — развитие умения читать с разными стратегиями; развитие речевого умения.

Речевой материал:

  • Рецептивный: лексический – date, dating, double date, blind date, go Dutch, go steady.

Ход урока

I. Орг. момент

II. The Blind Date

1). Повторение лексики по теме.

Несколько учащихся группы получают карточки, в которых даны дефиниции идиоматических выражений. Они зачитывают эти дефиниции. Задача группы – понять, о каких идиоматических выражениях идет речь. Например:

– Dating is often very expensive. A couple on a date can go to the movies, have a snack. It’s very expensive. The boy and the girl share expenses. What does it mean? (They go Dutch)

– Two persons, Rose and Tom have been dating for six months already. They go to school together, go to the movies also together. Tom always says “Good night” to Rose at the front door. What does it mean? (Tom and Rose go steady)

– Young people usually meet and choose their dates. Sometimes, someone arranges a date for two persons who don’t know each other. Dates can only imagine what their couples will be like. What is described? (A blind date).

2). Чтение тематического текста “The Blind Date”.

The Blind Date.

It’s Saturday, 2 p. m. Paul is a bit nervous. It’s natural. It’s his first blind date! Tonight he is meeting Greta, Han’s cousin, “a beautiful stranger”, as he calls her to himself. Greta comes from Bonn but now she is living in Bristol with a British family. She does light work in the house and helps with the children in return for learning English. She asked Hans to introduce her to one of his friends.

It’s Greta’s first visit to Oxford, so Paul is planning to show her around and then go to a disco to dance. He thinks it’s O. K. for a start. But what if she doesn’t like dancing? Perhaps she is interested in jazz. Well, no problem. He can take her to a jazz club instead. But what if she doesn’t like jazz either? Where else can they go? Sabine is giving a party tonight. Why not go there? Paul always enjoys her parties. Sabine is a wonderful hostess. But what kind of girl is Greta? Well, if she feels uncomfortable, they can leave. What is he going to wear? Paul opens his wardrobe and looks at his “collection” of clothes. He prefers usual clothes– jeans, T-shirts and trainers. The nicest and oldest thing he has is a black jacket. He feels good when he is wearing it. Paul wants to look especially nice and attractive. He is going to wear grey trousers, black shoes, a white shirt with a striped tie and of course the jacket (for luck!). Paul looks at the clock. My God! It’s well past 4! He promised to pick up Greta at 5! Paul gets dressed, looks at himself in the mirror, combs his hair and leaves the house.

At 5 o’clock he knocks on Hans’s door. The door opens and Paul sees a tall slim blonde girl. She is smiling. “Paul?” – “Greta?” – “Hello!” Paul is no longer nervous. He likes the girl at first sight. Greta looks wonderful. She is wearing dark blue jeans, a rosy silk blouse and a long cardigan.

“Well, where shall we go first?” she asks still smiling.

“I’m going to take you on a tour around Oxford”, Paul says and adds” and after that we can go to a disco, to a club or to a party.”

“Sorry, Paul. But I’m afraid I’m too tired tonight to go anywhere else. Let’s take a long walk and talk about ourselves. We can enjoy Oxford night life some other time.”

“O. K. How about tomorrow?”

“Why not go to France on a day trip?”

Paul agrees. What a girl! She is very special!

3). Проверка понимания прочитанного.

– Перевод слов и выражений (Р-А):

первое свидание “вслепую”;

прекрасная незнакомка;

в обмен на изучение языка;

познакомить с другом;

интересоваться джазом;

замечательная хозяйка;

на удачу; блондинка; с первого взгляда;

какая девушка!

– Are the following statements true or false? Use the phrases of agreement/ disagreement:

– Yes, of course!

– Naturally!

– Sure!

– I agree with you!

– Yes, it’s true!

– Exactly so!

– You are mistaken!

– I can’t agree with you!

– Nothing of the kind!

– That’s wrong!

– On the contrary!

– I shouldn’t say so!

– I don’t agree to your opinion!

  1. Paul is nervous because he is going blind.
  2. Greta is Russian.
  3. Instead of meeting Greta, Paul finally decides to go to Sabine’s party.
  4. Paul is going to put on sth. trendy to impress Greta.
  5. Paul’s favourite thing in his “collection” of clothes is his black jacket.
  6. Paul is late for his first blind date.
  7. Greta and Paul look happy because they like each other at first sight.

– Imagine that you are Paul. Ask Greta questions by phone. Her answers are:

– Greta.

– From Bonn.

– In Bristol.

– Blonde.

– Blue jeans, rosy blouse and a cardigan.

– Пересказ текста (девочки от лица Греты, мальчики – Пола).

III. Контроль домашнего задания

Упр.3.1., стр.120. (Составление стихотворения из предложенных высказываний).

IV. Домашнее задание

АВ Unit 4, ex.7. (Do you know who is a perfect date for you?)

V. Подведение итогов урока