Проект открытого урока в 10-м классе: Цена славы. Роль интернет-технологий в подготовке к ЕГЭ по английскому языку

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Tема: Цена славы (The Price of Fame). Роль Интернет-технологий в подготовке к Единому государственному экзамену по английскому языку. (The role of the Internet in revising for the Unified State Exam in English).

Цель: Развитие коммуникативных навыков учащихся при подготовке к Единому государственному экзамену по английскому языку.


образовательная – продолжить обучение навыкам аудирования, лексики, устной речи, в том числе, через использование Интернет-технологий;

развивающая – развивать коммуникативные навыки и умения через индивидуальную и парную работу, умение анализировать и синтезировать информацию во всех аспектах иностранного языка;

воспитательная – воспитывать разумное, взвешенное отношение к известности и популярности человека, правильно оценивать свои возможности в личной жизни и будущей профессиональной деятельности, свои успехи и неудачи.

Речевой материал:

Лексика по теме “Знаменитости”, “Развлечения”.

Текст для аудирования “Психология славы” из учебника “First Certificate Gold” изд-ва “Лонгман”, упражнения 1, 2, 3 стр. 74.

Тексты Интернет-сайтов (на русском и английском языках).

Текст для чтения “Eight years old and worth his weight in gold”, задания к тексту.

Оснащение урока:

Мультимедийная система.



Оформленная доска.

Учебник “First Certificate Gold” и книга для учителя (издательство “Лонгман”).

Ход урока:

I. Вступление.

Good morning, everybody! I am glad to greet you in this classroom today since we have a good chance to use new technologies at our English class today. We are also pleased to welcome our guests who are really anxious to see you working.

II. Начало урока. Несколько слов о Едином государственном экзамене по английскому языку и роли Интернет-технологий в подготовке к нему.

As you can see from the topic of our lesson, we are going to continue our talk about the world of show business, the price of fame and the means of adequate estimation of success and failure; and also to learn the procedure of the Unified State Exam in English. This class gives you a good opportunity to use new technologies in your studies. Actually I would like to start with the brief information on the exam’s contents.

Look at the blackboard. The exam consists of 4 main parts: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, though I cannot say it is the final rule. The news keep on coming every year and month, that’s why the Internet is the best and the quickest way to inform people. The only official site dedicated to the question is http://ege.edu.ru/PortalWeb/index.jsp The samples of the tests you can find on http://ege.edu.ru:8080/ege/portal/demo_open.nsf/WebTable?OpenView By the way, the Ministry of Education has informed us on the black list of sites giving unauthorized information on the demo versions of the tests, so you can find them here http://ege.edu.ru/PortalWeb/jsp/main/blackList.jsp to be aware of them. (Указанные домашние страницы можно быстро продемонстрировать на экране).

Of course, we can’t omit the use of English, these are vocabulary and grammar parts, while studying because it is the base for any test in English. You see as well that the total time of the exam equals 142 minutes and includes 43 tasks.

Today we shall take only parts 1, 2, 4 because writing needs particular work and more time.

III. Лексическое задание.

Let’s start working with a vocabulary drill. Look at the screen, I’ve prepared a file with the topic “Entertainment “ for you. Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word. You have been given the first part of each word and the number of letters…

Vocabulary: entertainment

1. The best sc- - - in the film is where she escapes.

2. My aud- - - - - went very well. They gave me the pa- -. Reh- - - - - - - start on Monday. It’s all very exciting!

3. The first per- - - - - - - - is in eight weeks’ time.

4. He is a great dir- - - - - and really inspires the act- - -.

5. In general the pl- - was original, but the end- - - was terrible.

6. Some of the cri- - - - from the top newspapers were there. I hope the rev- - - - will be good. They should be. The aud- - - - - app- - - - - - for ages.

7. We went to a wonderful con- - - - last night. It was a new sym- - - - - by that Russian com- - - - -. He actually con- - - - - - the orc- - - - - - himself.

8. They are my favourite pop gr- - -. I’ve got their last alb- - on cass- - - -. I really like the lead sin- - - and the bass guit- - - - - in particular.

Now, let’s check what you have got… You may look at the screen now to check your spelling. (Задание, а затем ответы проецируются на экран для экономии рабочего времени и удобства):



IV. Аудирование.

So, if you sum up what we have already discussed at our lessons, what can you say? Why are people so eager to become famous? Do you want to be popular at school or even in the country? What is the reason for such a wish?..

Now, we’ll listen to the tape. It is some radio programme about psychology of fame. Open your coursebooks, page 74, ex. 1. Firstly, answer the questions… Secondly, open your exercise books, write down the date and 5 numbers. You’ll do ex. 3 now, it’s True/False task. Look them through, and then I’ll turn on the tape-recorder. Be careful, you are going to listen to 5 statements from the task only. Numbers 6 and 7 are extra ones…

Now, check your partner’s answers. The marking code and the key answers are on the blackboard: 0 mistakes – “5”, 1-2 mistakes – “4”, 3 mistakes – “3”, less than 3 mistakes – “2”. The answers: 1T, 2F, 3F, 4T, 5T. Who do you mostly agree with, Olga or Simon? Why?

V. Чтение. Контроль понимания прочитанного.

Then, we shall apply these conclusions to our discussion on your home text from ex. 2 page 68.

Eight years old and worth his weight in gold

Although he is only 'eight and a bit' years old, Alex D Linz is used to an audience. This is lucky as there are nine of us watching him having his photograph taken. When Alex waves adorably to the camera, he makes us all smile, but his mother worries that he might be overdoing it. Wave in a normal way,' she says and her son responds immediately.


More than 2000 children were auditioned for the role which Culkin originated in 1990s Home Alone, the most successful comedy film ever made. Apparently, Alex was chosen because he had the same kind of 'naturalness' as his predecessor.


'I like acting,' he tells me. 'It gives me more of an open mind.' It also gives him a lot of money. Clever little Alex is already a self-made millionaire. His parents are determined that he should save money for his college education.


Considering all the attention he has been getting from the adults in the room, his self-control has been remarkable. Most children would start showing off because of the fuss being made. Instead, Alex starts talking about his film-star image and the restrictions it places on his wardrobe.


Once the photographs are finished, Alex climbs up on to an armchair and waits politely for my next question. His parents and the other members of his entourage stay in the background.


Why does he think he is chosen for all these films? 'I like to perform, so I kind of naturally can act.' Does he ever think about winning an Oscar? 'Yeah. I do. It would be cool to win an Oscar.' Does anything make him anxious? 'Not really.'


The Macaulay Culkin story must already worry Alex's parents, though. Culkin's film career earned him a $50 million fortune in nine years, but left him a sad and troubled teenager. Alex's parents seem to have a sensible approach to bringing up a filmstar. They advise Alex to pursue other interests apart from acting and when he's not on set, he goes to a normal school. Discussing the potential problems is another important part of their approach.


For the moment, Alex D Linz's only concern seems to be getting back on a film set. 'Sometimes, it gets a little tiring, but you never want to leave it,' he says.

(from The Daily Telegraph newspaper)

Firstly, let’s check the gapped text task. Seven paragraphs have been extracted from the article. Choose the most suitable paragraph from the list A–H for each gap (1–7) in the article. There is one extra paragraph that you do not need to use. To help you with gaps (1–3), parts of the article and the extracted paragraphs are underlined. These give clues as to where each extracted paragraph goes.

A It helped that he was already known to millions of Americans as 'the McDonald's Kid' and that he had already appeared on many television shows and in two major films including One Fine Day with Michelle Pfeiffer.

B This is the response you would expect from a boy who is still far too young be worried about the future. Alex won't yet have thought about what will happen to him when his voice breaks, when tastes change or when a new child actor seems more appealing.

C 'We tell him that it's important not to get too used to the actor's privileges, because you never know when they are not going to be around any more. He knows that he can stop it all whenever he wants, but as long as he wants to do this, I feel I should be there with him.'

D His American publicist intervenes only once, when I ask a question about Alex's next film project. At this she shakes her head: a silent but emphatic 'no'. 'I'm here to promote Home Alone 3.'

E Is it natural for a child to be able to act normally on demand? Of course, not, but Alex D Linz just happens to be one of the biggest Hollywood actors of the moment. His starring role in the new film Home Alone 3 confirmed what movie talent spotters had been whispering for: at last, here was the new Macaulay Culkin.

F Apparently, he professed an interest in a stardust career at the age of five, when he was watching a toy commercial. 'I'd like to do that,' he said. So his father took him to an agent and, within a week, he was starring in his first television commercial.

G Sadly, he says, he can't wear his favourite football jerseys when he has to attend 'special occasions' such as this one. His mother insists that he dresses more formally.

H But what would Alex like to do with his fortune? 'It's going to feel great once I'm old enough to drive,' he yells exuberantly. 'As soon as I get my driver's permit I'm going to buy a Ferrari, a Jaguar and a Firebird.'

Which paragraph is extra one? (It is F). (The answers are 1E, 2A, 3H, 4G, 5D, 6B, 7C).

Who is it about? What film did he star in? Does he like his position? What feelings do you have about Alex D Linz – envy, admiration, pity, irritation? What problems do you think that being a child star can cause? Do you think it is right that individual film/pop/sports stars earn so much money? Let’s look at the web site dedicated to Alex’s filmography http://www.celebritykidz.com/alexlinz/filmography.htm. Do you think he is likely to change his career or stop playing at all? Probably, it is very hard to stop starring if you have such great success…

VI. Устная речь. Фронтальный опрос.

Yesterday I asked you who you would like to say a couple of words about. Let’s listen to your comments. The computer will illustrate your stories with the photos. The task is to briefly tell how the film/music/sports stars have achieved their success, if it has been easy or not.

These are really famous people, the grown-ups. And what about the teenagers who are already popular? They are your contemporaries; you can judge it easier or even give some advice. Are their any problems in their lives or it is a so-called bed of roses?

VII. Устная речь. Работа в парах.

As for giving advice, I guess, it’s time to remember and drill this language function now. Open your books, page 70, ex. 2. The task is to give advice for one of these situations in pairs, using the forms given above or your own ones. Look at the following situations and write one or two sentences of advice for each of them, using some of the different forms above.

1 A friend of yours wants to learn English as quickly as possible, but needs advice about what to do to be most effective.

2 A friend of yours wants to lose a lot of weight very quickly.

3 A friend, who is a parent, has a 10-year-old daughter who has just starred in a successful film and looks like she will do more film work.


4 Choose your own situation in which you have to give a friend advice.

Let’s look at your results. A couple of variants of yours…

VIII. Домашнее задание.

Unfortunately, we are out of time so far. Write down your homework. Review the Present Perfect tense and do ex. 3, page 70. Divide the following expressions into two groups according to whether they are used to:

a) accept advice

b) reject advice

1 That's a really good idea.

2 Actually, I've already tried that.

3 Yes, you're quite right, I should.

4 I'm not sure that's such a good idea.

5 I couldn't possibly do that!

IX. Рефлексия урока. Оценки.

Thank you for your work today. Did you like working here? So now I give you the marks for your listening and the following ones for your work… See you tomorrow.