Урок-письмо по теме: "Семья" в 5-м классе

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Урок предусматривает

контроль сформированности лексических навыков по теме при правильном
переводе лексических единиц;
контроль грамматических навыков при спряжении глагола to have got;
контроль умения навыков написания письма личного характера; умение аргументировано писать о себе и своей семье по заданной ситуации с опорой на письмо друга;
уметь правильно оформить письмо в четкой последовательности и полно изложить содержание письма в соответствии с инструкциями.

Aim of the lesson:

by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to write letter about their families.


map of the Great Britain;

pictures,photos or sights of town Nottingham and family tree;


hand out /cards,letters /



Teacher reads parts of known poems

I have got a mother,

I have got a father,

I have got a brother,

I have got grandparents,

I have got a great grandmother,

I have got an uncle

How I love them all

And whom has got Pam?

Pupils listen parts of known poems and then aswer the question and repeat

Pam has got a mother,

Pam has got a father,

Pam has got a brother,

Pam has got grandparents,

Pam has got a great grandmother,

Pam has got an uncle

How she loves them all

Pupils repeat the verb have/ has got

Teacher have the next poem

I live here /in Emeljanovo/,

You live near /in Tvorogovo/,

Pam lives so far,

That she goes by plane

And where does she live?

Pupils repeat after teacher and answer the question and look on the map

Pam lives in Nottingham.


Pictures,photos or sights of town Nottingham;family tree on the blackboard

Teacher presents a town on the map and ask questions

What is the town? And Who is this?

Pupils answer

It is Nottingham.

This is a mother,

This is a father,

This is a brother,

This is a grandmother,

This is an uncle

While–skimming Teacher gives the text

Read the text and name What relatives has got Pam? Letter


My name is Pam.I am from Nottingham.I am happy to be pen pals with you. I shall tell you about my family.We are four in the family.There is mum,dad,my brother and me. And I also have got grandparents.My dad is 40 years old and my mum is 38.I am 12. My birthday is on 26 April 1988. My grandmother was born in 1933 and my grandfather was born in 1928.And I have got a great grandmother.She will be 100 next year.Can you believe it? She is very old.She was born in 1902.My father/s brother lives in the USA. He has got a farm.He is got a lot of cows and ducks.There are 132 cows and 1560 ducks.Besides he has got 12 dogs.They work on the farm.I also love animals.I have got a cat and a fish.AND WHAT ABOUT YOU?


Pupils read the text and find out the information;then name what relatives has got Pam / mum,dad, brother, uncle,grandparents,great grandmother/.



Read once again and match /hand out /


Dad –1928

Brother –1988

Pam –14

Grandmother –132

Grandfather –40

Great grandmother –38

Father,s brother –1902

Pupils mach relatives with the age:

Mum –38

Dad –40

Brother –

Pam –1988

Grandmother –1933

Grandfather –1928

Great grandmother –1902




0. They are 4 in the family T

1. Pam lives in Great Britain –

2. She has got a father,a mother, a brother, a grandmother, a grand–father,an uncle and an aunt. –

3. Pam's great grandmother is 99 years old. –

4.Her uncle lives in Great Britain. –

5.Pam's lives in a big city. –

6.Pam's uncle has got a lot of animals –

7.Pam's got 12 dogs and a cat. /Hand out /


Read the text and decide True or False


Read and write letter T,if the sentences are true and letter F ,if the sentences are false.



Names number of the sentence and asks to correct false sentences.




Teacher asks Pupils


Tell me about you relatives

You mother

You father

You brother

You sister

Pupils write letter to the best friend about the family and list relatives whom they are going to write about;then answer and take home work–writing a letter.