Использование метода проектов при обучении английскому языку. Конспект урока по теме "Home sweet home"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Участники: учащиеся 11 класса


    1. Совершенствование навыков аудирования, диалогической, монологической речи, чтения и письма.
    2. Развитие произносительных навыков.
    3. Осознание учащимися своей роли в решении практических задач.
    4. Расширение кругозора учащихся.
    5. Формирование чувства патриотизма, любви к родному краю.

Оснащение: пословицы на листе ватмана:

“Home is where the heart is”

“There is no place like home”

“East or west home is best”

“Men make houses, women make homes”,

рисунки с курной избой, современного дома, графики с результатами телефонного опроса, схемы к высказываниям учащихся (о домах в г.Москве, о начале строительства индивидуального дома), рисунок дома, разработанного учащимися).

I. Начало урока.

T.: Good morning! Glad to see you! The topic of our lesson is “Home Sweet Home”.

II. Основная часть. Повторение.

1. Аудирование.

T: Let’s listen to the following texts (тексты в записи):

Текст №1

For Sale L 370,000

Address: 11, Hawk’s Lane, Canterbury

This lovely house is half a mile from the city centre, and is near the shops and the main road. It is quite expensive, but it is very large.

Upstairs, there are three bedrooms, each with a wardrobe and a bathroom. There is also a study with a big bookcase. Downstairs, there is a small bathroom with a shower and a toilet, a huge kitchen, a dining-room a spacious living-room with a fireplace. The house has also got a beautiful garden and a swimming-pool.

Текст №2

For Rent L 180/month

Address: 6, Shell Street, Canterbury

This attractive flat is in a quiet street near the city centre. It is rather small, but it is in a very pleasant area. It is also very cheap. It has got a pretty bedroom, a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, a modern kitchen with a cooker, a dishwasher and a fridge, and a comfortable living-room. The flat has also got a big balcony with a wonderful view. There is a large garage behind the building.

2. Выполнение упражнений по прослушанным текстам.

а) высказывание учащихся по прослушанным текстам;

T.: Speak about the house and the flat according to the plan:


Type of Home-Location-Cost-Size-

Inside the House/Flat (Rooms, Furniture etc.) –

Outside the House/Flat

б) составление словосочетаний;

T.: Match the adjectives and the given words

lovely – (house), attractive – (flat), modern – (kitchen)

huge – (kitchen), quiet – (street), comfortable - (living-room)

spacious – (living-room), pleasant - (area), wonderful – (view)

beautiful – (garden), pretty – (bedroom), large – (garage)

в) составление предложений

T.: Now look at the list of the following words. Make up sentences using them!

Список слов: a chalet, an apartment, housing space, elite houses, club houses, mud huts, the standard amount of housing space, shared apartments, average level, digital telephones, guarding, wonderful views, cost, build, outside, inside, to look into finances, conditioning.

г) аудирование;

T.: There are many types of houses. Listen to the texts and say who lives in this or that type of house.

    1. Salif lives in a village in Nigeria. He lives in a mud hut. Mud huts have got grass roofs. They have got only one room.
    2. Maria lives in a chalet on a mountain in Switzerland. These houses are made of wood. They have usually got two floors and an attic.
    3. Greg lives in a huge block of flat sin Boston. His flat is on the fifteenth floor and it is in the centre of the city. He lives at 332, Newbury Street. There are a lot of expensive shops in the area.
    4. Paul lives on a farm in Canada. He lives in a big farmhouse near a river.
    5. Hendrick lives in a houseboat on a river in Holland. It’s got three cabins.

д) вопросно-ответная беседа по прослушанным текстам;

T.: Where does Salif (Maria, Greg, Paul, Hendrick) live? In what type of house?

T.: We’ve said there are many types of houses. As for the English many of them prefer to have their own houses.

(Далее идут примерные высказывания учащихся).

P1: You know there are two floors in the traditional English house: the ground floor and the first floor. The bedrooms and a bathroom are upstairs on the first floor. The sitting room, the dining room, the kitchen and a hall are downstairs. The sitting room is usually the largest in the house. There is always a sofa. Some chairs and armchairs in it. There is often a carpet on the floor. It makes the room comfortable. English people usually have a fire in the sitting room. It is known the English are the nation of stay-at-homes. They often spend evenings in armchairs near the fire, read books, watch television, listen to music, or sit around and speak. People in England like their houses and often say “There is no place like home” and “East or west home is best”.

T.: So do the English. What about the Mari?

P2: As far as I remember from the history the Mari lived in huts without a chimney up to the beginning, of the 19-th century. Here we can see an earthen floor, a stove without a chimney, a polaty which was used as a place for sleeping and rest and where old people and children liked to spend much of their time. All the smoke went out through the opening in the ceiling. The walls and the ceiling in the hut were covered with soot. The light could hardly be seen through a small window even in sunny weather.

Рисунок 1

P3: But today the situation is a little different. Most people in Mari villages live in 5-wall houses. They are usually built of pine and fir logs and covered with a 2-sloped roof. Inside the house there is usually a Russian stove. There are 2 parts in the house: in one of it Mari have meals and sleep, in the other they receive guests and spend evenings doing different things.

Рисунок 2

But recently many houses made of bricks have appeared in Mari villages and their living conditions have been improved a little.

P4: As for the housing situation in whole Russia it isn’t very joyful. The standard amount of housing space is 12 square metres per person. Some 30 per cent of the population have more housing space than average level. And about the same number of people live in apartments with housing space below average. Some 10 million people live in shared apartments. One out of every four unmarried adults lives in a hostel or rents a room from a private owner. According to the housing law a family of three has the right to receive a two-room apartment, a family of four-a three-room apartment, and a family of five – a four-room apartment but in fact the things are worse, because most of the population of our country can neither buy apartments nor build individual houses because of the poverty.

P5: But to say nothing of Moscow. Moscow is the richest city of our country and the people of Moscow live under quite opposite conditions compared with other cities and towns. They can live in so called extra-class houses. They are elite houses, economic class houses. Elite houses have about 20 flats and they are made of bricks. Inside the flats there are no walls only the owner of a flat decides what is to be and where this to be in it. They have guarding, digital telephones, underground garages, tree pipe running water besides hot and cold water they have water to drink. A square metre in such houses costs $3500-5000. In clubhouses there are 30-40 flats. In such a house there is a small restaraunt where they can have their guests. They also have underground garages, wonderful views, conditioning.

Economic class houses are also built according to individual projects and they have more than 50 flats. They may include a sports centre with a swimming pool, a tennis-court, a beauty-salon, a few restaraunts, a cafe, a playground for children which is guarded. A square metre in such a house costs $ 1000-2500.

Рисунок 3

P6: Sorry to say the people of Kozmodemyansk aren’t among the richest people of Russia. Some of them began to build individual houses in an open field near K. 5-6 years ago, but only few of them could finish their construction because of the lack of money. It is a very sad fact but it’s a fact. But this fact doesn’t spoil their mood and the people of K. are sure, they will build individual houses.

P7: We interviewed them with the help of the telephone, asked them the following questions:

    1. Which do you prefer to live in, a house or a flat?
    2. … out of the questioned answered that they want to have their own houses
      Рисунок 4

    3. What rooms would you like to have in your house?

… out of the questioned said that they besides the traditional amount of rooms (the kitchen, the bedroom, the living-room, the bathroom) would like to have a special room for exercising.
Рисунок 5

3. Will you build yourself or with the help of the state?

… out of the questioned said that they will build your-selves, they don’t rely on the help of the state.
Рисунок 6

T.: What does the building of a house start with?

P8: Some preparations have to be made before one starts building a house. Firstly the future owner buys a patch of land. So he goes to the town administration for a building-permit. Then the architect in cooperation with the future owner draws up a plan. They bear the following in mind: the size of site, the purpose of the building, how the rooms are going to be furnished, what materials are to be used, and how much money can be spent, so one must look into the finances.

Then he goes to the head sanitarian. So we interviewed the head sanitarian of our town, we learned that a house may be built far enough from industrial objects and not far from communication systems. Then we interviewed the representatives of a construction organization. We wanted to know the price of a square metre in our town, how much the building materials cost and what materials are needed. We learned that the prices change very often during a year, a square metre of housing space at the end of the year cost 4000 roubles, now it costs 5000 roubles. It turned out that an average house is to have 100 square metres and is to have 4 rooms.
Рисунок 7

P9: So we drew up an average house for an average family consisting of four members it looks like this. It’s on 2 floors, the ground floor and the first floor. On the ground floor you can see a kitchen, a dining room, a sitting room, a room for execising, on the first floor – bedrooms, a bathroom, a study in the attic. Outside the house there is a garage, behind the house there is a garden with fruit-trees.
Рисунок 8

Such a house will cost about 500000 roubles. It will take an average family consisting of a teacher whose salary is about 2000 roubles, an engineer, whose salary is also about 2000 roubles, and their 2 children, who are pupils of a state school free of charge about 10 years to build it. It does not give much chance to improve the living conditions of the people of our town, our country, but in spite of it we love our country because we were born here and we hope to make the life in our country because we were born here and we hope to make the life in our country better and much happier than it than used to be before. Russia is beautiful for us.

P10: Декламирует стих “I love deeply Russia”.

III. Подведение итогов. Домашнее задание.