Влияние русских традиций на архитектуру Екатерининского парка в Царском Селе

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Конкурс «Презентация к уроку», Краеведение, Дополнительное образование

Классы: 8, 9

Ключевые слова: архитектура парка , Царское Село

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The theme of my project is: “The influence of Russian folk traditions on the architectural monuments of the Catherine Park. Roller Coaster”.

1) I have chosen this theme because it is interesting and curious to know more about history and culture of my native town.

2) It can broaden my outlook and teach me respect to my Motherland.

The object of the research: Catherine Park;

The subject of research: Sliding Hill;

The aim of the project: to find out how folk traditions can influence the creation of architectural monuments.

The objectives of the project:

1.To learn more about main Russian folk traditions among the royalty, nobility and commoners;

2. To find out what tradition was the most popular .

3. On the basis of the studied material it is possible to make an excursion or just a report about a wonderful place which was a real attraction.

 Hypothesis: Involvement in active, socially significant excursion and local history activities will increase interest in the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the native land, the main source of spiritual and moral development and patriotic education.

The practical significance of the study is that

  • it can be used for my classmates, students of our school and even quests who visit our school and don`t speak Russia;
  • to improve the my educational level on the subject of the Regional Study.

Methods of the project activities:

Study the royal traditions which were very popular among them;

Systematize all the material on this topic;

Choose the one which could influence so much that led to the construction of one of the most exciting sight of the Catherine Palace.