Сценарий музыкально-драматической постановки "Весь мир – театр". 4-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Внеклассная работа

Класс: 4

Музыкально-драматическая постановка «Весь мир - театр» была подготовлена учителями английской школы для участия школьников 4-х классов в районном мероприятии «Лингвистический калейдоскоп». Сценарий может быть использован преподавателями английского языка, чтобы несложным языком объяснить ученикам начальной школы, что такое театр, историю его появления, привести примеры современного театрального искусства. Инсценировку можно приурочить, например, ко Дню Театра (27 марта) или использовать материалы во внеклассной работе.

“And all the men and women merely players”: (список актеров)

«Theatre is a gateway to fantasy» (девиз выступления)

All together: We love theatre. What is theatre? People love stories. They love to share.

The 1st actor: When one person stands on stage.

The 2nd actor: and tells his story to people.

All together: this is theatre.

The 3rd actor: The person on stage is an actor. (All children clap)

The 4th actor: The person who listens to an actor is a spectator.

The 5th actor: What do we have here? A stage. A stage is a place where we perform.

The 6th actor: People have always celebrated holidays. The first theatre appeared in Ancient Greece. (All children dance Sirtaki)

The 7th actor: They believed in Gods. One of them was.

All together: Dionysus.

The 8th actor: The Greeks had a festival, a party in his honour. They dressed like him, and he looked like a goat, (One of the actors appears on the stage in a mask of a goat) and told stories about him.

The 9th actor: In those days theatre was an Open Air Theatre. All the spectators sat around the stage on the hill.

The 10th actor: Only men were actors. Why? Because women were busy. They were at home: they cooked and looked after children.

The 1st actor: One actor could play many parts. He changed costumes and put on different masks. (At the back of the stage appear other actors in different theatrical masks).

The 2nd actor: There are a lot of different theatres in the world. Some people find it a pleasure to go to the theatre. In our country there are a lot of theatres: big and small, new and old, famous and not very well known.

The 3rd actor: The theatre is one of the most ancient kinds of arts. For centuries people have come to the theatre for different aims: to relax, to be amused and entertained, to have a good laugh, to enjoy the acting of their favourite actors and actresses.

The 4th actor: In the Drama Theatre actors and actresses speak a lot and do it very beautifully.

The 5th actor: In Ballet Theatre no one sings or speaks, all the players only dance.

The 6th actor: There are theatres where only animals take part in a performance. There you can see many different actors – dogs and cats, goats and pigeons, bears and seals.

The 7th actor: And the main actors of the Muppet Theatre are puppets. (Children perform a dance of the dolls)

The 8th actor: In Musical Theatre actors don`t speak but sing under accompaniment of the orchestra. (One actor or actress sings a song from a musical)

The 9th actor: One of the most beautiful and mysterious theatres is Shadow Puppetry.

The 10th actor: And, of course, a circus. (Some children show different animals)

All together: A circus is not a theatre. (“animals” run away)

All together: As long as people have stories to share the THEATRE WILL BE.

All the actors sing a song “Theatre” (https://lyricstranslate.com/ru/theater-theatre.html) (Песня в оригинале звучит на немецком языке)

They put a mask on every evening
And they play the role they have to play
They have sold their hearts to the theatre
They're standing up there and those below look at them
They're kings, beggars, clowns in the footlight
But how it looks deep inside them, you can't see
Theatre, theatre, the curtain goes up
Then the stage becomes the world
Theatre, theatre, it`s like all my love
And the THEATRE – it is called