"ABC" Party. Праздник английского языка. Концерт в начальной школе. 2–4-е классы

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Видеоурок

The plan of the concert

  1. "Hello, friends!" The song (the 2  forms)
  2. Acquaintance. Characters of the fairy-tales (the 2 form)
  3. "Allouetta" the song  (the 3 form)
  4. Riddles about animals and the song "Listen ! What's this?" (the 2 forms)
  5. Poems about animals and the song " At the Zoo" (the 2 form)
  6. "Billy Boy" the song (the 4 forms)
  7. "O bla-day, o bla-da.." the song ( the 3 form)
  8. Presentation "The history of English Tea Party", poems, the song "Little Tea Pot " (the 4 form)
  9. Everything at once" the song (the 3 form)
  10. Dancing
  11. "It's Carnival Time" the song ( the 4 form)