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Презентация к уроку

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Оборудование: учебники New Millennium English-10, рабочие тетради на печатной основе к учебнику, раздаточный материал, презентация.


  • развитие умения понимания основного содержания прочитанного;
  • развитие умения представлять результаты своей деятельности;
  • развитие умения обобщать содержащуюся в тексте информацию;
  • развитие умения выборочного понимания интересующей информации;
  • развитие умения работать в команде;
  • развитие познавательной активности,  
  • развитие коммуникативной культуры.
  • развитие навыков неподготовленного говорения.
  • развитие умения давать характеристику и оценку фактов с опорой на субъектный опыт
  • развитие умения прогнозировать развитие темы.

Ход урока

I. Warming up.

Слайд №1

А. Today we are going to speak about school: school as learning and teaching process, school as a way of life, school as our Alma Mater. We start with a dialogue. Look at the slide.

Read the dialogue and comment it on.

      Слайд №2

- I taught my dog how to speak.

- I never heard him talking.

- I said I taught, I didn’t say he learned.

Учащиеся комментируют диалог. Основная идея которого – нельзя никого научить чему либо, можно только научиться.

Teacher: So we all agree that we should learn and what is more important – want to learn. Education plays an important role in our life.

B. Read the quotation about education and translate them.

  1. Education is not the filling of a pail…
  2. The roots of education are bitter..
  3. Intelligence plus character…
  4. Education is the best provision
  5. If you can read it..
  6. Experience is…
  7. What we learn with pleasure..
but the lighting of a fire.
but the fruit is sweet.
that is the goal of true education.
for old age.
thank a teacher.
the best teacher.
we never forget.

Teacher: I give you two minutes and I would like you to memorize these quotations. Then I will show you the first parts of them and you will try to add the second ones.

Слайды № 3-4

II. Reading comprehension. Teacher: Surely, all students have different skill and abilities to study. What subjects are you good at?

Now we are going to read the text about a girl with extraordinary talent, then we’ll do some exercises to check it up and then we’ll discuss some ideas associated with the text.

(Текст см. Приложение 1).

Слайд № 5

После прочтения текста начинается проверка понимания. Задания для проверки понимания:

Cards for the students:

A. Match the summary to the correct paragraph.
  1. Her father has been her teacher, while her mother goes out to work.
  2. The university tutors are very pleased that Ruth is coming and are going to change the course a little to suit her.
  3. She wants to be a research professor. Before university she hopes to take four more A-levels.
  4. Ruth's academic background.
  5. She made history by coming first, but she herself wasn't happy with all the examination papers.
  6. Her family are very excited and wonder if the younger sister will be as talented.
  7. The kind of person that Ruth is. Her likes and interests.

B. Language work

Here are the answers to some questions about Ruth. In pairs, work out the questions.

  1. A computer consultant.
  2. Her mother.
  3. She was four.
  4. Mathematics.
  5. Yes, she does. She plays the piano.
  6. She said, 'She is obviously quite brilliant.'
  7. Dr Glenys Luke.
  8. He's going to help Ruth's sister in a similar way.

C. What do you think?

  1. Work in pairs and compare the lists you made while you were reading.
  2. Do you agree about what makes Ruth unusual?
  3. Ruth has not mixed much with other children. Do you think this is important?
  4. What were your interests when you were ten?

III. Discussion. Teacher: There are many factors influencing learning process. What influences good learning? Discuss the ideas from the slide in pairs. What could you add?

Задание направлено на развитие умений давать аргументы в защиту своего мнения.

Слайд № 6

IV. Oral speech practice. You have mentioned that teachers play an important role in school. And it is really so. The job of a teacher is difficult. In spite of apparent simplicity this job requires much talent, tolerance and other features. Our next task is devoted to teachers.

Учитель раздает учащимся карточки. Это вопросы и ответы в смешанном порядке.

А. Teacher: The questions and the answers are parted. The task is to match the question and the answer. The students can stand up and go about the classroom. Then the students in pairs read them aloud.

(См. Приложение № 2)

1. Is it difficult to be a teacher? It depends on many things: pupils, subject, type of school etc.
2. What does it mean to be a good teacher? The main thing is to love your job.
3. How long have you been teaching? Let me see…For about 27 years.
4. Do you have favorite students? No, all pupils are equal to me.
5. What features do you value in pupils? I would like all the students to be optimistic and creative.
6. What was your favourite subject at school? It seems to be surprising…but it was Maths.

Teacher: Have you guessed about whom these questions were? …..Yes, they were about me!

Слайд № 7

If you have got more questions you can ask me.

V. Opinion poll. Teacher: School is a good place to be. What do students think about our school? Some students from our group have made opinion poll about school. Now they are presenting the results of their work. Two students show the results on the slides. The task to all the rest – Try to guess which answer was the most popular and which one was the least popular.

Слайды № 8–12

Во время анкетирования ученикам было задано 13 вопросов. В презентацию для работы было включено – 5. Остальные можно посмотреть в Приложение № 3.

VI. Group work. Teacher: School is full of unexpected and funny things. It would be boring without them. Have you got anything to tell your children about school?

Now you are getting lists with a school story. It is called “History test”. You should complete the story. Слайд № 13 помогает учащимся сосредоточиться и мотивирует появление идей.

Слайд № 13

Card for students.

A History test

One day we were back from our ski completions. (1. Describe the ski competitions. Use Past Perfect).

Next day we would have a test on History. (2. Describe the History test).

As it should take place after classes everybody tried to make up a reason for not going to the test. (3. Describe the reasons the students made up).

My friend and I made up our minds to go and pass the test as we couldn’t find any arguments not to go. Our History teacher met us in the classroom “It’s great that you have come”, she said and we took our seats. (4. Describe the teacher and the classroom)

She gave us copybooks and papers with tasks. “You have 45 minutes to carry the task out”, she said strictly and looked at the watch. Of course we didn’t know anything but as they say hope springs eternal in the human breast.

And…what a surprise! Together with the task paper there was the list with keys! (5. Describe the state of the boys).

We gave no sign that nothing wrong was happening, copied all the answers and happily went home laughing at those who hadn’t come to the test.

Next day ….(6. Finish the story)

VII. Contest.

А. Teacher: Now you will have a little contest. Let’s devote it to the 20th birthday of our favourite school. The first part of it I will show you pieces of some places of our school and you should guess what place it is and describe it in some words.

Слайды № 14–18

B. Teacher: The second part of the contest is to make up a “Five-line stanza”. По-русски это звучит как “Синквейн”. "Сinq" во французском значит пять. Синквейн это пятистрочная строфа.

Teacher: Here are the rules what a five-line stanza consists of:

  1. The first line has got one word consisting of one syllable. It can be the title of the poem.
  2. The second line has got four syllables. It describes the subject, topic.
  3. The third line consists of six syllables. It describes actions.
  4. The fourth line consists of eight syllables. It describes something special about the topic, some feelings.
  5. The last line consists of two syllables. It should give the description.
    1. Первая строка содержит одно двуслоговое слово. Это может быть названием стихотворения.
    2. Вторая строка содержит четыре слога (описывает предмет, тему стихотворения)
    3. Шесть слогов (действие)
    4. Восемь слогов (что-нибудь о предмете: чувства, что-либо особое)
    5. Два слога (описание)

Слайд № 19



The second house

Write, read, create, reflect.

Exciting, joy, discussions


Teacher: Now I give you five – seven minutes for making a poem up. Then you will read them aloud. If you are pressed of time you may complete the work at home.

VIII. The end of the lesson. Reflection Teacher: OK. I would like to thank you for being active and creative during this lesson and put you the following marks…..

Слайд № 20

And I would like you to choose a smiley that suits your mood best.

Слайд № 21


Timing the lesson:

  1. Warming up – 7 min
  2. Reading comprehension – 15 min
  3. Discussion – 15 min
  4. Oral speech practice – 8 min


  1. Opinion poll – 7 min
  2. Group work – 15 min
  3. Contest – 5min; 15 min
  4. Reflection – 3 min

Приложение 3