Страноведческая викторина для учащихся 8-х классов "England and Tatarstan"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цели мероприятия:


  • Научить учащихся логическому построению устного высказывания на английском языке.
  • Углубление знаний учащихся о культуре и традициях жителей своей республики и Англии.
  • Формирование у учащихся понимания сущности и значения дружбы.
  • Активизация монологической речи в процессе творческого общения учащихся друг с другом на основе изученной темы.


  • Развивать творческую фантазию, познавательный интерес, инициативу в осуществлении иноязычной речевой деятельности;
  • Развивать межпредметную связь с историей, литературой, изобразительным искусством.
  • Расширение кругозора и повышение общей культуры учащихся.


  • Воспитание чувства прекрасного.
  • Воспитывать толерантность и уважение к культуре и традициям других народов.
  • Воспитывать умение работать в сотрудничестве (в группах)

Оборудование: мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, карточки.

Ход мероприятия


Задания №1, 4, 5, 7 выполняются с помощью мультимедийного проектора.

1. Good morning! Now we'll check your knowledge about the peculiarities of the country.

- choose the number

- look at the symbol of the country

(команды по очереди выбирают цифры, под которыми скрыт герб страны

1. Татарстан,

2 - Англия)

2. Each team will get 10 questions to answer

Вопросы о Татарстане

  1. When was the Republic of Tatarstan established? (On the 30th of August, 1990)
  2. Why is T. called a "multireligious republic"?(a lot of people of various nationalities, ethnic and religious groups live here)
  3. What are the national values of the people of T.? (tolerance, consensus and compromise)
  4. What are the longest rivers in T.? (The Volga, the Kama, the Vyatka and the Belaya).
  5. What natural resources in T. rich in? (T. is rich in oil, black coal, copper, gypsum, dolomites, clays, mineral waters and medical mud)
  6. What were the Bulgars famous for? What were their main trades? (for their leather goods of high quality, furs, wool)
  7. What were the main achievements of Kazan as a city of the 19th century? (the water supply system began to work, the streets were lit with gas, there was electricity in some houses; appeared the first line of the horse railway , the first electric train)
  8. What are the most ancient sports of the Tatars? (running, shooting, horse-riding and wrestling)
  9. What Olympic champions from T. do you remember? (Svetlana Demean- a silver medal in sports gymnastics, Denis Kapustin- a bronze medal in athletics)
  10. What are the colours of popular Kazan ice-hockey team? ("Ak-bars"-green, white, red)

Вопросы об Англии

  1. What is the London's residence of the Queen ? (Buckingham Palace )
  2. Where does the British Premier live and work? (at 10 Downing Street)
  3. What natural resources bring the most profits to the British economy? (oil reserves)
  4. What chambers does the British Parliament consist of? ( the House of Lords and the House of Commons)
  5. What is the official religion in the United Kingdom? (Protestantism)
  6. What is the highest mark in British schools? (A)
  7. What universities have the highest academic reputation? (Oxford University and Cambridge University)
  8. Name the famous phrase by Hamlet ("to be or not to be")
  9. What city is the birth place of the group the Beatles? (Liverpool)
  10. What traditional song is usually performed on a British birthday party? (Happy Birthday)

3. These countries are well-known for their outstanding people. Take a card, read the name and say what you know about them.

Famous people in England

  • A famous naturalist of 19th century (Charles Darwin. He developed the theory of evolution.)
  • A great playwright and a poet (William Shakespeare. He wrote dozens of plays which continue to dominate World Theater 400 years later.)
  • A great mathematician and scientist (Sir Isaac Newton who formulated the theory of universal gravitation, a theory about the nature of light, and three laws of motion.)
  • A famous admiral (Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson is the greatest hero in British naval history, He defeated the French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar in 1805).
  • A famous explorer of 18th century (Captain James Cook, known for his voyages to the Pacific Ocean. Cook visited New Zealand, established the first European colony in Australia, and was the first European to visit Hawaii.)

Famous people in Tatarstan.

  • a Tatar poet-hero ( Musa Djalil Musa Djalil is famous for creating "The Moabit Notebook". He died in the prisoner-of-war camp during World War the Second.)
  • a forefather of the Tatar professional musical creativity.( Salikh Saidashev's output proved the possibility of using symphonic and other forms in Tatar professional music.)
  • a patriarch of the Tatar graphic art (Baki UIrmanche - a famous person of theatrical design in Tatarstan. He was also a skilful sculptor.)
  • a dancer.  (Rudolf Nuriyev. His dancing was not only expressive, but also very powerful. More than fifteen years he was a star of the London royal ballet. )
  • a founder of Tatar dramatic art (Galiaskar Kamal is one of the initiators of artistic translations of Russian writers into the Tatar language. He founded a publishing house and was engaged in book trade.)

4. The 4-th task is about national holidays of Tatarstan and England. Look at the screen, choose the number and tell what holiday this picture symbolizes. What do you know about this holiday?

- Christmas (People celebrate this holiday on December, 25. They buy gifts for their family and friends. They choose the tree and decorate it with ornaments and lights. The symbol of this holiday is Santa Claus. He visits children and brings them presents in bright paper and ribbons.)

- Easter (Easter is celebrated on a Sunday in April or May. The week before Easter people color eggs. On Easter Sunday children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them a basket of sweets.)

- Sabantuy (It is celebration of the plough. This holiday takes place at the beginning of summer, after the first haymaking. During this holiday there are a lot of funny competitions and sports games.)

- Thanksgiving Day (It's a family holiday. People gather to thanks for all the good things in their lives. They make a big turkey dinner.)

- Maslennitsa (It's a traditional Russian holiday. It takes place at the end of winter. People play snowballs, make snow castles and ride a sledge.)

- Halloween (It's celebrated on October,31. Everyone tries to look scary on Halloween. People decorate their houses and schools in the traditional Halloween colours: orange and black. Popular decorations are witches, ghosts, skeletons, black cats, and jack-o-lanterns. The children walk door to door in the neighborhood and shout "trick or treat". Most people give them a treat - candy or fruit.)

-Nauruz (It means the "New year Day". This holiday symbolize the end of darkness and the victory of the light over the evil. It's a bright and und unforgettable festival. People choose the most beautiful girl.)

5. Аbout the sightseeings of the countries. Guess what sightseeings you see? Tell some information about it. (учащиеся, отгадав название достопримечательностей, рассказывают о них).

О достопримечательностях Англии

1. Buckingham Palace- It's the London home of the Queen. When the flag's flying on the top she is at home. There they change the Guard. It happens every day at 11.30a.m.

2. Westminster Abbey- It's a royal church. There are tombs of many British kings and queens and other famous people.

3. St. Paul's Cathedral- It's the greatest work of the architect Sir Christopher Wren.

4. Trafalgar Square- On the column in the center there is a statue of Admiral Nelson who defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

5. Big Ben - It's a big clock and one of the symbols of England.

О достопримечательностях Татарстана

1. The Kazan Kremlin- it presents an example of the synthesis of Tatar and Russian architectural styles. The Kazan Kremlin remains a unique architectural and historical monument.

2. Kul-Sharif mosque- It was named in honor of its last Imam Seid Kul Sharif - one of Kazan defence leaders. The mosque's complex includes a building of the mosque itself, a library, a publishing centre, Imam's Administration.

3. Suyumbike Tower - Its name is connected to the name of last tsarina of Kazan khanate - Suyumbike. The 58 meter high red-brick Suyumbike tower is a falling tower.

4. Saint Peter and Paul Cathedra l- its Russian church.

5. Djalil's Monument. - The monument to Musa Djalil is placed near the Kazan Kremlin. He is a hero of Soviet Union.

6. Now we'll check your knowledge about the history of these countries. Take the card (зеленые карточки- даты Татарстана, синие - Англии)

Исторические даты Англии

55-54 years before our century Yuli Саesar visited England
43 year before our century Klavdi conquered Britain
13 century The first universities Oxford and Cambridge are based
1337 The war between France and England
Балахонцева О.В. №101-565-418
1455-87 The war of Roses
1547-53 Protestantism became an official religion of England
1603 England unites with Scotland
1665 The last epidemic of plague in England
1973 The United Kingdom enjoyed continental alliance, European Union 
1979-90 Margaret Thatcher governs the country

Исторические даты Татарстана

1236-1240 The Mongolian invasion
1399 Dmitry Donskoy destroyed Kazan
14th century Kazan became the center of a new independent state
1552 Ivan the terrible attacked Kazan
1774 Emeliyan Pugachev's army attacked Kazan
1874 The water supply system began to work
1899 The first electric train appeared
1919-1920 An epidemic of typhus began
1959 The Kazan television center began to work
2005 The celebrations of the 1000th anniversary

7. Home task (the presentation of English and Tatar cuisine). Учащиеся выступают с подготовленной защитой своих презентаций о национальных кухнях Англии и Татарстана.

1 группа - о кухни Англии, 2 группа - о кухни Татарстана

8. Жюри подводит итоги викторины.